Why do I get Random Hives?

It’s one amongst the foremost common queries I buy from folks. “Why do I keep getting random hives?” After receiving this question many times, I decided to answer it in a blog post as well as do a little research for you. In this blog post, we will first discuss: What are hives? What causes hives? and finally, how can you get rid of those pesky hives?

You itch, scratch and rub your hives, and then moments later more break out randomly. This can be a very frustrating experience. Why does this happen? 

You might be asking yourself why you get random hives.

Well, it’s a good question! It seems like you have hives all the time, but it’s important to remember that most people don’t get hives that often. You may just notice them more than other people because they show up on your skin.

In most cases, hives are caused by an allergic reaction. In other words, your body has developed antibodies that react to something in your environment or your body and cause a reaction. Hives are also known as urticaria, which is Latin for “to burn” or “too smart.”

The size of your hives will depend on how severe your allergy is, but typically they start small and grow larger over time if you continue to be exposed to whatever triggered them in the first place (for example pollen).

When you get hives, it’s usually because your immune system is trying to fight off something foreign in your body—like bacteria or pollen. But sometimes there’s no clear reason why your immune system goes into overdrive.

This can happen for several reasons:

  • Your immune system isn’t functioning properly due to a medical condition like lupus or celiac disease.
  • You have an infection somewhere on your body that’s not visible, such as strep throat or the flu virus.
  • You’re taking certain medications (like steroids), which suppress your immune system’s ability to fight off infections naturally by making it less active overall instead of just targeting specific threats like hives would do if they were caused by something like pollen or dust mites instead of something more serious like cancer cells growing out of control within someone’s body.

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