Why do I Have Hives Everywhere?

Have you ever gone through the emotional roller coaster that is hives? The symptoms express themselves in your mind as a series of questions. Why do I have hives? When will the hives go away? Will the hives spread to my back, chest, or tongue? Can I be as productive with all these hives as I was without them?

What is causing your hives? That’s the question I asked my doctor when I went in for an appointment. I thought it would be something simple like a new allergy medicine or worsening of my eczema but no, it was hives (or worse).

Why do I Have Hives Everywhere?

It’s important to remember that hives can be a symptom of a lot of different things, so the first step is to determine what the root cause is.

There are three main reasons why you might experience hives:

1. You have an allergy to something (or something you ate)

2. You’re stressed out or anxious

3. You have an underlying medical condition like asthma or eczema

4. Heat rash (or prickly heat)

5. Infections like shingles or chickenpox

6. Insect bites

7. Autoimmune disorders

8. Skin conditions (such as acne)

You may have urticaria, which is a condition that causes hives. They can be caused by allergies, stress, infections, and other conditions.

Urticaria is additionally referred to as hives or skin rash. It’s a skin reaction to an allergy or irritation of the skin. Urticaria causes raised itchy lumps that can appear anywhere on the body but most commonly on the arms and legs. The lumps are often red and may be itchy or painful.

If you have hives, you’ll need to see your doctor for advice on what to do next.

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