Why do medicines quit working all of a sudden?

Well , my Zyrtec and Zantac quit working , they doubled my Zyrtec dose and it still not working. Why do medicines quit working all of a sudden? I had to drink a bunch of laxatives all day yesterday, a Gallon jug full while fasting all day yesterday to get my colonoscopy done today and I just blew up overnight ! I feel helpless !


Courtney Wright It was likely the laxative. Try adding a second antihistamine like Claritin.

Nicole Carrie Courtney Wright I just took my 2 Zyrtec and 1 Zantac and 2 hydrozine I worry of over doseing if I add more . I only have 1 kidney too and all these meds worry me !

Rose Heck Beissel Nicole Carrie my dermatologist told me that you can’t overdose on antihistamines

Nicole Carrie Rose Heck Beissel I just worry bc I only have one kidney too 

Gracy Twinity looks like urticarial vasculitis have ur doc tried prednisone tho its effect is bad..or colchicine

Nicole Carrie Gracy Twinity I was on 5 days prednisone . what is that type of hive ? Never heard of it

Gracy Twinity Nicole Carrie is vasculitis..how was it when ur usiing pred did it work? u can search about vasculitis

Nicole Carrie Gracy Twinity it didn’t work . oh my god! I just read about it . This is scary! And rare apparently. I am going to have to see a dermatologist and have them take a biopsy . Although I would haha thought my immunologist would have mentioned me possibly having this . She got all sorts of blood work done and my ana came back positive but she said bc all the other bloodwork looked ok she wasn’t worried but asked if I wanted to be refured to a rheumatologist and I said yes just to cover my bases . I pray I don’t have this! I’m scared now 

Gracy Twinity Nicole Carrie tthere are a lot of types and yes it is scary my lab works are all high i just have not done the biopsiied i been to many diifferent dermatologist the last one ask me for a biopsy but that was time my cocktail meds work. my allerfgist was the one diognose me with urticarial and her option was xolair which is too expensive for me

Jeni Lyman My daughters hives look like that when she gets bad. Taking 4 Allegra a day and two rantidine helped a lot. But cyclosporine and Xolair is all that has made it so she is hive free. When we tried to take her off cyclosporine hives came back .
Also we did a 20 mg predisone every other day until cyclosporine and Xolair started to work for a couple months.

Jessica Anderson Mine did too. Even epinephrine doesn’t work when I have to go to the ER. Benadryl, Zyrtec, Pepcid, Zantac, doxepin, hydroxzyne, and about everything else.

Sue Bee Did the laxative drink have propelyne glycol? I get major hives/angiodema from PG. It’s in SO many things. Ice Cream, frosting, even natural flavors. It’s an allergy many people miss.

Nicole Carrie Sue Bee I didn’t even think of that ! Maybe . I’ve never known to be allergic but now that I think back it was after eating a lot of ice cream the night I got the hives ! But the hives have stayed 3 months after so Wouldn’t you think that if it was food related that they would have gone away by now since I’m not eating any more ice cream? And not really aware of eating anything else that has it in it. I’m usually a really healthy eater I hardly ever eat processed foods or snacks

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