Why I have a very red neck with hot red hives. Any ideas?

Strange one for me – usually my hives/whelts/swelling come up and then go down in 24hours. However this one hasn’t. It came up on my neck Sunday evening and was there all day yesterday, very uncomfortable and sore all day. I expected it to have gone this morning but it hasn’t.

In the night I put on some anti itch cream as I just couldn’t bear it anymore. This morning I have a very red neck with a longer, flatter and hot red hive. Any ideas??

I do have smaller hives elsewhere but nothing on this scale. Hopefully the medication (antihistamine and prednisone) will kick in soon.


Kendra SchmittMine come the week before my period. It took me a while to figure that they were related to my cycle. Once my period comes, the hives start going away.

Verity Wood That is part of what is going on with me actually- so hopefully they will settle down soon. It took me a while to get that link too!

Kendra Schmitt I didn’t figure it out until I went on birth control. I now take one for 84 days at a time. It helps to keep the hives at bay. My hives usually seem to start on my neck too.

Verity Wood Kendra Schmitt I actually can’t wait til the menopause (which I suspect is also part of it!)

Linda Berry No just how you feel mine drive me insane its a terrible disease to live with

Eugenia Raciov My dermatologist once told me that when hives dont settle after 8- 12 hours is a sign of auto immune disease…not sure though

Verity Wood Well, fingers crossed I’m over the worst (for this flare) as my neck is setting down finally. A few itchy hives on my back but manageable now.

Aprile Woolcock Mine are like this too!!! Lucky for me going into week 2 totally hive free!!!

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