hi Why I still have the hives after five days

Why I still have the hives after five days

Hi everyone. I’m struggling today. I’m on day five of hives, went to the allergist yesterday and got tested for 1 million things and the only thing that came back positive was dust mites. That really doesn’t explain much as to why my body is breaking out so bad. For the last five days I had been on prednisone and I even went to the urgent care last Saturday and got an injection. The allergist told me that the steroids need to be stopped immediately because they’re causing a rebound every time my body wears off of them.

He put me on 20 mg Zyrtec every morning and said to take 50 mg Benadryl twice a day for up to four times a day as needed. I took a Benadryl at this afternoon and want up taking a nap just to wake up to my bottom lip being swollen and all the times I’ve ever had hives I’ve never had my lips well so this has me completely freaked out. I don’t understand why I still have the hives after five days or why this is happening. I think I’m just totally over feeling this way and I just want nothing more than to be norma


Savannah Layne I’m sorry, it can be quite scary when your body begins to react this way.
Sounds like your allergist has you on the right track with a high dose of antihistamines and recommending you stop the steroids.
If regular high dose antihistamines don’t stop your hives, your allergist will know what to try next.
Hives are not considered “chronic” until they’ve persisted for 6 weeks or more.
In the very beginning people tend to frantically look for a “cause” and you should! Keep exploring, but I hope you’ll find some comfort in knowing your symptoms sounds quite normal as you will likely read from others in the group.
I’m so sorry you’re suffering. I know it sucks and is scary and confusing. Lean on this group. There are a lot of fantastic people here with great advice and support to offer.

Dani Smith Savannah Layne thank you so much. My fear is the lips swell more and cause more issues. That the hives to don’t get better.

Savannah Layne Dani Smith I hear you, it’s a scary thought for sure, but not everyone’s destiny.
My best advice is to try to make yourself as comfortable as possible.
I like to take lukewarm showers and use Aveeno body wash for temporary itch relief.
Ice for the lip swelling possibly?
Most chronic hive patients tend to react badly to NSAID medication like ibuprofen if you’re taking that for the swelling.
You’ll have to be the judge of whether or not it affects you

Dani Smith Savannah Layne I have been using aveeno as well, I’ve taken IBU many times but not the last few days at all. Have your lips swelled like this? My hands did to

Savannah Layne Dani Smith my lips occasionally swell but not to this extent, I’ve been on Montelukast for many years which probably helps with that. I get very intense swelling from pressure tho. Like if I carry heavy plastic grocery bags my hands will swell up for 12 hours or so.

Dani Smith Savannah Layne what causes it? I don’t understand why it’s just all of a sudden happening to me.

Savannah Layne Dani Smith many different things can cause it, and in some cases cause is unknown. Medical community refers to it as “idiopathic.”
For many in this group autoimmune issues cause chronic hives, or things like thyroid disease.
Your doctor may not start checking for things like this until you’ve had hives for 6 weeks or more. Before then it’s considered acute, very common, and attributed to things like allergies and food sensitivities.

Serena Tierney I feel your pain I was the same. I have had hives for just over a year. It’s hard but you learn to adapt. I’m so glad to find this group and learn other peoples experiences and not feel alone.
First few weeks I found hard as i wanted answers and I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me. Some days I got that bad I
would scrub myself silly in the shower as I felt I had a disease and didnt want to face the world.
All I can say is keep searching to find your triggers and keep a diary. I didnt at first because I thought i new best but 6months later down the line i now am and wished I had done sooner. The body is cleaver. I have learnt certain wines can trigger my hives and haribo but only a certain time of the month.
I do hope u feel better soon, as I said the first few days/weeks are the hardest

Dani Smith Serena Tierney thank you

Jennifer Emrick I feel you completely swelling is part of hives I freak out too when It started happening I find Zyrtec has help me for now
They told me dust mites too I don’t believe it’s that
I think we jus got to let our body detox watever the issues so try flush out eat good an good luck I been on this trip for 4 months an no answers


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