Why Won’t My Hives Go Away?

Scratching uncontrollably? Worried about something like this happening to you or a loved one? You’re not alone; hives are a common condition. However, they are often overlooked in the medical profession as “not being real.” This article is here to explain why won’t hives go away and other essential information needed to acquire relief.

Hives. A skin rash with a mind of its own? Maybe it’s just one of those things that will go away on its own before long. Maybe the cause is unknown, or won’t be found until later. But in this article, we’ll try to answer any questions you may have regarding hives (urticaria), and discuss treatment options and what works best.

Why Won’t Hives Go Away?

Hives are really common. About 10% of people will get them sometime in their lives. They can last for a few days or several months, but they will go away eventually. So why won’t hives go away?

Sometimes hives are caused by an allergy to something you’re eating or touching. If that’s the case, then your body is trying to get rid of something (like pollen) that’s making you sick. The rash is a way of telling you that there’s something in your environment that’s causing trouble. You might have heard of people who have lived near factories dumping chemicals into rivers and streams and then getting hives when they swim in those rivers or streams later on because their bodies are reacting to the chemicals even though they’re not touching them directly.

If this is what happened with you, then try to avoid whatever made your body react until the hives go away completely, and make sure that everyone else who lives with you does too! It’s important to keep living areas as clean as possible while you’re dealing with hives so that no one gets sick from allergens like dust mites or pet dander either because those things can cause asthma attacks if someone has asthma too!

Other reasons for hives not going away include an infection, a skin condition called discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE), or stress. If hives won’t go away after a few weeks, see your doctor figure out the cause.

Get relief faster

The good news is that most cases of hives will go away within a few weeks if left untreated. However, there are some things you can do to speed up the process and get relief faster:

1. Avoid triggers:

Your skin may be reacting to something in your environment or food that you’re eating. Make sure to keep an eye on what might be causing your reaction and try to avoid those triggers as much as possible while your hives are present.

2. Don’t scratch:

Even if you don’t feel pain with hives, scratching the affected area can cause them to spread and get worse than they already are. This makes it seem like nothing is working when it’s just making things worse!

3. Apply cool compresses:

If you have access to ice packs or wet cloths, apply one of these to your rash for 5 minutes at a time every hour or so until it starts feeling better; this helps relieve itching and swelling caused by hives.

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