Wishing you all a hive free day

I scratched my legs with a scrub brush last night and will do it again!! Lol. I’m so thankful for this site and shared understanding we have for one another. Wishing you all a hive free day!


Rhoda Young Oh your poor wee legs. Hope you can get some relief too x

Joyce Rosenblatt Time for some ice packs.

Abbey Arceo Freezy pops! I was covered in them

Ramona Ungureanu So sorry, mine look the same. Try to avoid to scratch horisontally, instead try to press down/vertically using the nails.

Maggie Maye Oh nooooooooo that is awful.I am so sorry

Priscilla Felice Get some ice packs on them.

Lori Giancola Apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle helps me

Vicky Goddard Poor you.

Janice Oliver Ausburn Ouch!!!

Harvey Fedyk Yuk! I feel the itch! Take care.

Barbara Milam-Jividen There just needs to be a cure for this

Ann Matzkanin Get you a nice soft nail brush, it is awesome and won’t bruise your skin.

Joyce Rosenblatt I hurt for you

Lori Giancola Im so sorry. And i have thankfully, by Gods grace, found teleif with Xolair. It gave me my life back. When I had outbreaks like this, i would use a hair brush & scratch till bloody :(. I found that apple cider vinegar, in a spray bottle would help calm the itch. Did nothing for the hives, i smelled like a salad, but it would help calm it down so i could sleep. Praying for us all that a cure is found


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