Woke up the middle of the night along with abdominal pain

Woke up like this in the middle of the night along with abdominal pains. Had eczema as a child buy has been gone for 15 years besides an occasional outbreak. Been having severe hives covering my body and facial swelling to the point of almost going to er due to trouble breathing, I should have gone. I am up to 3 zyrtec a day, occasional pregnisone and now zantac. Nothing seems to work. What was the magic combo for you all?


Suzanne Derby-Wright I think we each have a cocktail that may or may not help to varying degrees. Are you seeing an allergy doc? I’m on 2 Zantac, 2 plaquenil, 4 Zyrtec, and just finishing a 7 week prednisone taper that started at 30mgs Symptoms returned when pred got down to 10/5 alternating

Yvonne Visée Clohessy Agree with Suzanne, we all have our own cocktail. What works for me might not work for you. I’m on singulair/doxepin/zyrtec and cyclosporine and have been hive free on this.

Amy Humphries I’m on loratadine, ranitidine and hydroxyzine and they are working to keep them at bay, keep working with doctors to find what works for you and we are all here in the meantime

Louise Maeer Heamon I have Angiodema too, I take 2 citirizine a day but the most difference comes from my Salycilate free diet, by sticking to that I hardly get any Angiodema at all.

Laura Jacobson Thanks, that is helpful. Scary never knowing how I’ll wake up. Yes I’m seeing an allergist, he is stumped. I’ll look into the salycilate diet.

Louise Maeer Heamon I belong to another salycilate fb group and they are all CU sufferers

Kiki Becerra Bacaro For me, 2 twenty-four-hour Allegra with one 24 hour pepcid in the AM, 2 twenty-four-hour zyrtec with one 24 hour pepcid in the PM and 20 mg of prednisone a day. I did that for 2 months. Then I stopped taking the morning combo for a few weeks. Then I started cutting the 20 mg of prednisone in half (meaning 10 mg) for a few days. Then 5 mg for a few weeks and now 2.5 mg.

El Fraser Aww. I’ve been there with the angioedema. I see an allergist and a primary doctor regularly – changed doctors 5 times! I take Zyrtec 40 mg/day, Zantac 300 mg/day, Singulair 10 mg/day (all in generic form) That has mostly governed the angioedema – it has not stopped the hives, which I have 24/7 for 5 years.

Jacob Hoover 2 fexofenadine and 2 ranitidine with about 70-75% symptom control. additional antihistamine dosages don’t really improve the symptoms as much as would be expected. basically I could pound zyrtec & allegra all day and wouldn’t get much better than just 2 allegra.. and I only take 2 because it tends to wear off after 12 hours.

Laura Jacobson Right my doc keeps saying to add zyrtec but I’m up to 3 a day and no improvement. Now I tried the zantac and am hoping for help but so far nothing. I have also been trying a low histimaine diet. At this point I’ll try anything.

Jacob Hoover the Zantac/ranitidine is going to be a minimal improvement if at all. it blocks h2 histamine receptors and only 15% of the histamine receptors in the epidermis are the h2 type (or so I’ve read). I don’t notice a difference with the ranitidine but it’s so hard to tell because the disease waxes and wanes so much on its own. maybe ask your doc about combining allegra with the zyrtec.

Laura Jacobson Thanks, that is a good idea.

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