Woke up with the worst hives so far

First xolair shot yesterday. Woke up with the worse hives so far. I know it can take weeks to months to work. But I feel depressed and defeated. Wish I did not have to go to work but could stay home and just try not to scratch. But oh no this isn’t even a disease it’s just a little thing that most people don’t get and most certainly does not fit into the PTO category.


Jasmine Elizabeth What are your triggers ??

Melody Matthews Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. Hang in there!

Sarah Fallon I often flare after my injections, do you have anything you can take? x

Janet Morales Hang in there I feel your pain sometimes it can take 5-12 days or maybe the next shot I’ve been there I’m now going to my 5th shoot and I wouldn’t miss it. It’s the only thing that (helps)

Jane Derham Benton My daughter flared dreadfully after first injection. Was admitted into hospital but the thought it was a reaction to stopping ciclosporin rather that to Xolair itself. She has now had 5th and is doing great. She is off on holiday tomorrow with her boyfriend and has got her life back. Good luck

Lori Hlopak Janicki That’s the worst. Hope it resolves quickly!

Shannon Moya One side effect is hives. Lol. Not really lol But keep an eye out. For real you may not be able to take it

Mike Schwieters Ask your doc. At first weeks you need Prednisolon with xolair .A few react with a worse flare up.

Kathleen Trezza Thank you!! I did that and I am now on prednisone.

Moran Ben Dror It happened to me also at the six shot after I did 2 months break.. I really understand you, I stoped working and I am bored at home with my hives and my dog so I don’t know what is better.. try another shot next month and write every day how are the hives from 1 to 100 – that what my elergiologist told me to do cause I wasn’t sure if it helps me.. I did my 7 shot this week. This time I didn’t get the breakout like the six time.

Ann Marie Mine were worse after first shot but settled down fairly fast. That looks miserable, I’m so sorry!

Angela Bailey Dentler I agree, hang in there girl. It’s always darkest before dawn. Hugs!!

Jennifer Schuck Goebel I flare after injection.

Shea Barfield Peavy So sorry!!! We’ve all felt like this wish I had some amazing advice for you but the horrible truth is that you have to suffer through it and wait it out

Evelyn Brethour Your body still sees everything that enters it as a threat/foreign invader. Chances are it will get better. Hang in there!

Kathleen Trezza Thank you all so much. You are all so kind and really understand. I am doing prednisone for now while we wait and see if the xolair works. Almost have the little beasties back under control

Melodi Harris McGough I was pretty bad off after my first shot too. It gets a little better each time. At least it did for me.

Gillie Beers Miller After my first couple of shots mine got worse then got a little better. It took until month four to be totally hive free.

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