hi would just like to share my story with you all.

would just like to share my story with you all.

Hey guys, my name is Candice, I am new to this page and would just like to share my story so far with you all.

I have had chronic urticaria now for over 4 months, constantly, everyday! It takes over your life. Struggle with day to day living. The constant feeling of your skin being eaten inside out let alone the burning and the look of hives.

I went to 3 doctors. First doctor gave me prednisone (3 tablets a day) which I couldn’t eventually take cause it made me ill, and said there is nothing we can do about CU but take Zantac and Zyrtec , to relieve the symptoms.

I went to the second doctor for a second opinion, because I believed I was allergic to something for this to be happening, and as I really didn’t want to just take antihistamines all the time.

This doctor tested me via blood tests for things that I thought I may be allergic to, eg household insects, latex, and chemicals (cause I worked in a hospital) and pet dander, but all came back negative. I was then tested for cealiac as I had family history, again came back negative. This doctor referred me to a skin allerginist.

When I went to the skin allerginist which was also a gp, she did the skin prick test and all the 30 things she tested for all came back positive, so this test was a false test. We went through everything, she explained in more detail what causes CU, and that may be a underlying health issue. Because my body and skin are hating on me, anything flares CU…SO many things can flare CU. She told me to cut out all additives (chemicals that are in foods) in my diet, minimal wheat and no dairy, and that a autoimmune disease could be the reason, eg thyroid, celiac etc. I had got every blood test you could think of and doing a couple of 24 hour urine collections, for eg histamine, inflammation, etc. still waiting on results.

But it’s Day 4 of watching what I eat, no additives in foods, no dairy and minimal wheat intake, I have taken only 1 antihistamine since and only small outbreak yesterday.

Just thought I would share my experience and may help others.


LYNN LUCAS GOULD Glad to hear diet change is helping you improve 

ANOOB BACKER Dip a towel in cold salted water. Squeeze of the water & wrap the towel it over the infected area. Do this thrice a day if possible. This was suggested by a doc & i find it effective.

LYNN LUCAS GOULD Yes, I’ve heart salt water helps also. Maybe in a bathtub of it?

RACHEL ELIZABETH The only thing healing me after 4+ weeks of my whole body being covered..
clobetasol propionate (very potent prescription steroid cream) mix the whole tube in with a big container of cetaphil lotion for sensitive skin & use twice a day
SUPER CLEAN DIET- no dairy or gluten (im not allergic either) No high histamine foods
Lots of water & bone broth
apple cider vinegar
High quality food based multi vit
Fermented cod liver oil with butter oil
No idea what exactly is working but it is!

RACHEL ELIZABETH Im just glad im sleeping again. It still looks bad in places but the itch is gone. I wish i knew what caused it 🙁 worst 3+ weeks of my life. I refused to take prednisone by the way. Just benadryl occasionally. I also have cbd oil coming in the mail tomorrow to help with stress. .

ALISON RANDALL The fact that everything came back positive on the allergy test and the way some of your pictures look makes me think you have delayed pressure hives. There’s an autoimmune cause for my hives and I have a positive blood test for ANA screen. I have delayed pressure hives and hives that are random. Things that cause pressure or irritate my skin can give me hives. I get them from having blood drawn, bra straps, shoe straps, on my shoulder from carrying a heavy bag, etc. Avoiding tight clothes and anything else that can minimize pressure on your skin may help you.

MARY DEAN I have been keeping a food and symptom sheet for each day, and I have seen in the past month that the days I eat strictly whole foods (NOTHING processed, no nuts, no high histamine foods, my itching and burning etc is much better, and I wake up with less itching the next morning. This has been very helpful to me, because I might not have noticed correlations without the journal. At the end of each week, I go over the paste week and see what I notice, and then write up conclusions, and a plan for the next week. So column one: foods I ate, column 2: Symptoms, column 3. My misery rating 1 to 10 throughout the day. and column 4: All meds taken and times. This has helped me to get on and stay with the low histamine diet because I can SEE that it helps. Also, it lets me note any change I make in meds, and if it had an affect. Without the log, my days are a miserable blur, and I can’t remember the details. Best wishes to you all. I know how you suffer with this. It really takes discipline and courage to keep on keeping on.

PAUL W. LORD JR. the last friend who said that he tested positive for every single thing in an allergy test said he was allergic to the metal that the needles are made from for the test.


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