Wrote this on my Hive covered arm

Not sure if this is a medically sound or clinically proven treatment, but I poured myself a large Gin and wrote this on my Hive covered arm and it’s started to disappear!! Is this the cure we’ve all been waiting for?


Christymae N Kenny Dean Hahaha that’s funny! I had a beer once and my hives started to go away

Brooke Sena Lol, is it the alcohol or the marker that cured you? Because I’m about to hand out markers to the kids and let them color me up!

Jo McCaffrey Gin and marker pens it is then lol

Hayley Robson Sounds like a better treatment than most of us have to endure

Julia Fontera My go to was gin and tonic it got me through the worst of times

John Thurston It is mine always – that and a hot bath/shower.

Justine Witiuk This made my Saturday

Lorraine Saliba belive it or not once i broke a bottle of bacardi and all the hives i had on my leg disappered i think alcahol work lol

Jo McCaffrey Let’s all try a couple of slugs of booze in the bath and a tot for medicinal purposes!

Mel Issa It’s awful – I wish there was one thing that worked. Hang in there and good luck! Bailey’s has always been my go-to – Zyrtec and some Bailey’s

Vida Tolerson Idk if it would help the urticaria but I’m always down for experimenting when it involves alcohol

Corinne Kramer ❤ this – thank you!

Pip Bhardwaj-Sharma Now that’s my kind of remedy..

Rita Kennedy Zienty My favorite drink. I guess I should drink more of them.

Chantal Montanez I do not speak ill of gin. Gin, whiskey, and bourbon are some of my favorite remedies. I curse a lot while hive-y but it doesn’t seem to be as effective

Rita Kennedy Zienty I like Baileys, too

Sue Elshire Hargrave I will now be drinking gin, while using my markers to draw on my skin. All the time…we’ll see if it really works! Hee! .  You all just crack me up, an make my days! Absolutely hysterical!!!

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