Xolair has literally changed my life

Xolair has literally changed my life 3 and a half years with hives . started my xolair 2 months ago and for the first time I have not had a flare up in 3 weeks! I may be celebrating too soon but I’m literally so happy!

(Photo of me cuddling my puppy and not being worried about him scratching me and causing a flare up 😁)


Jeni Lyman So happy for you! After two shots for my daughter of Xolair in to third week of 2nd shot she hasn’t had hives for first time in months as well. I do think it’s the Xolair that’s working. But she’s also been on cyclosporine a month.
I think the Xolair helps the antihistamines to work too. Now since starting Xolair if she breaks out it’s less severe and antihistamines will take down so we have been able to not have to do predisone finally!

Stacey Hearne Jeni Lyman thank you! Your poor daughter! I hope xolair works for her

Melissa Loyd Baca I had major relief for about two weeks after my first Xolair shot, then the hives started coming back stronger. I am now 10 days after my second shot and not getting any relief like I did after my first one. Did you not have any relief until now after starting the shots? I’m just so hopeful that I will start getting relief again from it.

Stacey Hearne Melissa Loyd Baca I was the same after my first but after my second I really noticed the difference. Hopefully your third one will help give you some relief x

Mary Ann DeGlopper Quiroz It works wonders !! I love it ! I was on every antihistamine and nothing worked except Xolair

Stacey Hearne Mary Ann DeGlopper Quiroz yes! Same here 

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