hi Zyrtec is a wonder drug for chronic hives.

Zyrtec is a wonder drug for chronic hives.

Zyrtec is a wonder drug for chronic hives

Cetirizine (brand name Zyrtec) has worked wonders! Went to see a new allergist this past Thursday after having severe breakouts post Prednisone. She discourages steroids, they bounce your immune system between high & low too drastically.

She said that recent research shows that Zyrtec is a wonder drug for chronic hives. She prescribed 1 at night, 1 in the am, and if needed 1 during the day. I have not needed the 1 midday. My hives are now well controlled. I am shocked and amazed.

Cetirizine will cause drowsiness that you will build a tolerance to after a few days. I take my morning pill with coffee! My insurance would not cover the script but the pharmacist was able to fill 90 pills for $6. Good deal & it works!!!! This pic is me after a bounce back from steroids (that I begged a primary care Dr for to be clear for a beach vacation).

When I went to the allergist this past Thursday I looked like the pic. 2-3 rounds of Cetirizine and I am completely clear!


Lynn Lucas Gould I’m happy you found that Zyrtec works for you. Unfortunately, it did nothing for me. But, if you haven’t tried it, anything is worth a shot.

Rain Phoenix Rae that looks sooo painful😞.hate this curse!!!😤.n yes…cetrizine works wonders.hope it disappears soon…*hugs

Zodwa Princess Nkwanyana Please assist my hives only breakout when am exercising only, does it mean I must stop exercising

Linda Frigo McDaris Zyrtec did nothing for me…my doctor prescribed 4 zyrtec a day…..I’m glad zyrtec is working for you. Everyone is different and it seems like there are many kinds of hives.

Karen D’Angelo yes! it didn’t help me amidst major flare but for me, has been critical in reducing subsequent flares. I too am grateful since it’s accessible and relatively inexpensive. ♡ Congratulations on finding something that works.

Brandy Irie It helps me too. I’m so glad it helps you.
I take 2 Zantac and 2 Zyrtec a day.
I’ve been told I can take up to 4 Zyrtec if needed and I take an occasional benadryl for breakthrough hives.

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