hi I have a tight wheezy chest and hives between my toes.

I have a tight wheezy chest and hives between my toes.

I have a frustration. I was recently diagnosed with “allergy induced asthma” but am not allergic to anything. Along with my CU I’m loosing my mind. Now hives and asthma for no apparent reason other than my body feels like it? 😩 I can’t sleep because I have a tight wheezy chest and hives between my toes. Anyone else with these two lovely disorders?


Ashley Ann I have both. Thankfully I am able to manage my symptoms of both by avoiding certain foods and medications

Taylor Stelly Plemer I had my CU under control until my recent asthma diagnoses. I had a tough 6 months when first diagnosed. I’ve been better but tonight it’s kicking by butt!

Margaret McLaren I have both and 2017 and the beginning of 2018 have been difficult for me on both counts. Still suffering. However, I was called by dermatology the other day to see if I still have symptoms and still want to have an appointment with them!!! I’ve been waiting for about 20 weeks. Hopeful for the coming weeks. I hope you find some relief, soon.

Stephanie Bradshaw I have both asthma and CIU but been managing and improved. Sleep and rest and a balanced life. 1 antihistamine, 1 montelukast and flutiform inhaler …. see if u can have ur doctors speaking to check what gets your symptoms going, dust mites was one that came up for me.

Cochinillo Dulce Oh yes. Asthma, I believe, is caused by histamine insensitivity. At least, for me. I’ve never had it growing up. Mine is diagnosed as exercise-induced asthma. It came on as my hives started to prominently ‘squatter’ in my life 20+ years ago. No remission.

Linda Cooper Daubert I have both asthma and cu started asthma and hives when I was 15 for 1 year. Hives went away but had mild asthma. 30 years later hives started and haven’t left in 17 years, asthma got worse over the 17 years, xolair works good for me!

Mishelle Moore The hives bring on the asthma

Bethany Chung Yes I do I was diagnosed with allergy induced asthma 12 years ago, and chronic uriticaria 8 years ago. I manage both with medication.

Jed Honrado I haven’t gotten an official diagnosis. But I get asthma-like symptoms. Usually first thing in the morning. Like right now as I’m typing this. My doc prescribed me an inhaler.

Laurie A Weber Ask your dr for an inhaler to help with the asthma symptoms. Supposedly, xolair works for asthma and ciu, so it’s definitely worth asking about. I am on antihistamines and inhaler as needed right now. But if the antihistamines stop working, I’d have to look into xolair.

Marlene Viloria I have both. But I’ve had asthma since I was a child. An inhaler will help with the wheezing.

Taylor Stelly Plemer Glad to hear I’m not alone! I am on medication for both and see a asthma doc who also specializes in immunity and allergies.

Christie Cn A lot of studies have shown a strong connection between dairy consumption and asthma. Something to think about.

Patty Gleason Jones I keep getting asked by doctor’s if I have asthma, but I don’t, now I have developed some weird cough, just great, asthma is probably my next problem

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