All over my body struggling with hives

I am from the UK and have been struggling with hives since Dec 2018.
My doctor doesn’t seem to be concerned they have tested my bloods and found nothing. I’m on fexofenadine hydrochloride with an occasional loratadine thrown in when it’s really bad like tonight.
This is just one leg it’s all over my body and it’s itchy and tingly as hell


Kate Carr Hi I’m from uk too and in the same boat at you. Bloods came back with nothing :(. Fexofenadine didn’t work at all for me, but I’ve just started hydroxyzine and hoping for a miracle. Have you tried steroid creams for when it’s bad?

Coleen Hill It worked initially but it’s suddenly stopped. I’m going back in a month to push for allergy testing as I’m asthmatic and never actually had any done. I have betnovate but they limited what I have 😢😢 it did help and I told them this in December

Hayleigh Landy I’m the UK too! Mines calmed down a lot but

Dave Dev Minime Hill Kate Carr UK? That is the birth place of Low Dose Immunotherapy. LDA and LDI for short. A few of us in this group have tried it, ….all with great success. Perhaps research that too are if you think it might be right for you? Bonus!: It’s a drug free therapy!

Coleen Hill Dave Dev never heard of it will have a look thanks!!

Tibby Hollingsworth Try quercitin and bromelain and you should do a skin blend detox that has milk thistle and dandelion in it.

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