Anybody completely recovered from this hives?

Hi all, I know I’m not the first person having the CU.. But I’m, in my family, friends and relatives.It stared 6 years ago, after moved to chennai from my native for my career. Recently moved to Dubai for job but no change in CU.I agree, It’s polluted living area. I have stress with my profession. This urticaria irritation increases the stress more.After several tries of treatments, allopathic, Ayurveda, homeopathic, I found nothing cures.

After several medication, currently I stick with cetirizine. I’m taking 1/4 of a tablet per day for last one year. A doctor said, don’t worry you are taking only 1/4 a day, there are people who are taking 4cetrizine a day

I’m 28 now. Planning for marriage this year. Worried of CU and experiment new treatment as it may affect in any form.

Anybody completely recovered from this hives?
Any recommended treatments with less or no side effects?


Lisa Arévalos I have posted this before and it worked for me. My thinking was I would try anything. Take a look at either of the diets, I follow the low histamine diet. Best of luck and congratulations on your wedding.

Alison Canney Yours looks similar to mines – I also had a lump on my head from May until December last year it has now disappeared I am convinced my c u is brought on by stress – I wish you well

Sue Elshire Hargrave Hi! So glad you are here! Congrats on the upcoming wedding! That’s wonderful! I am in the same boat as you are – I have not found anything that gets rid of the urticaria. I have had it for 11 years, and am starting my 12th year of non-stop hives. Some of us are just very recalcitrant patients. I have tried everything out there on the market and offline medicines, plus diets, etc (I’ve had a lot of time to try them all) I have seen Chinese Medicine practitioners, had acupuncture, been treated by a naturopath, and been passed from rheumatologist to Allergist, to Immunologist, to Dermatologist. The best I have found are the antihistamines that that take out the itch. Research that is available indicates that if you hives are autoimmune in nature, that food/diets will not have an impact. CAIU is a mast cell disease. Take a look in our Files at the top of the page – there are many different websites, Posters, research, etc. in there! People here are very helpful!

Sureshkumar Natarajan Hi Sue Elshire Hargrave..Ya.. It’s place of trading from which expats can make money.. And local infrastructure is good. They do all man made wonders with best of best like burj khalifa, palm jumaira, etc.. We can enjoy Dubai life not more than a year..

Sue Elshire Hargrave It sounds fascinating! Are your hives under control?

Sureshkumar Natarajan Ya Sue Elshire Hargrave.. It is under control. If I take tablet, next 24 hrs I can roam free.. I met a gp here 2 days back, he prescribed fexon 120. Its not giving drowsy but I feel peaceless mind for sometime after taking that tab.

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