Are there shoes or clothing material that irritate your skin or cause swelling?

Are there shoes or clothing material that irritate your skin or cause swelling? I have ceramic tile in my kitchen and restrooms. I HATE COLD FEET 😂. I purchased these Nike Slides to walk around inside my residence so my feet would not get cold. If you look close.there is a pattern on the inside. It causes my feet to swell AND my 12 year old daughter as well. The other pic I included I really loved these and had no problems with them. I purchased them at Sear’s longer in business in my state. My canine baby 🐶 kinda got hold to the other one and it’s in a “better place.” Lol 😂😂

When my eczema is flared is always on my thighs or neck. And jean material is very uncomfortable. Luckily from my days of
attending my college football and basketball games.I have team logo jogging pants.very loose. Because I’ve lost weight all this year slowly. I just hate that my personality is really not to dress like I’m going to a sporting event regularly. Lol.yet that’s what I’m sure I like now. Oh, well 😂


Lakin Bronkar I’d try Amazon, they seem to have lots of things. And if not Sears still has a online site!

Lynn Lucas Gould I get pressure hives from footwear and clothing frequently. Try to wear what’s comfortable and doesn’t aggravate your skin conditions. I think they even make jeans now that are stretchy without zippers and buttons at the top, just elastic around the waist. Sears still has an online presence. Good luck!

Phyllis Ida Concordia Always wear socks… and wear Halflinger clogs. They are wool (so if you are allergic to wool (which is typically an allergy to lanolin) wearing these may be a problem. I have a lanolin allergy and I wear these without a problem. Allbirds shoes/sneakers are another good choice. The good news is that wool shoes are not hard to wear in the summer, either. They don’t make your feel overly hot, the way some might think. Either of the shoes I have mentioned do not give me a problem with the textured sensitivity. I am sure there are others, but these both work well for me for every day shoes. Also try diabetic socks. I am not diabetic but I have found that they are less elastic. Try a search for diabetic socks on amazon and see what works best. Cotton or Bamboo are what work well for me. I wear Halflinger wool clogs around the house and outside without socks… but when I wear them out I wear socks. No bumps to aggravate any hives. They do fit a little big so get a smaller size than usual, if you are going to give them a try.

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