Has anyone noticed an increase of hives around the time of the month?

for all the girls has anyone noticed an increase of hives around the time of the month? I’ve been hive free (except for maybe two or three tiny ones) for almost 3 months and now all of a sudden I have HUGE welts under/on my boobs and now they’re spreading to the tops 😭 all I want to do is cry


Lindsey Scheer
Yup most of my symptoms are that time of the month and ovulation. My allergist diagnosed me with autoimmune progesterone dermatitis. Now waiting to get into a OBGYN specialist for it. I also get other symptoms with it. Joint pain, mouth ulcers, menstural migraines, throat swelling, angiodema of my eyes, and hives.

Debra Suplee Donahue
Please find my post and you will understand.

Kellie Ellenburg
Debra Suplee Donahue I’m on my second day of meds and can already tell a huge difference. Thank you again for sharing! I have hope finally.

Debra Suplee Donahue
Kellie, oh lawdy, that’s great news. Please keep me advised of your journey back to sanity…

Kamila Staton
Debra, my regular doctor would not write this for me because my biopsy came back as an allergy. I’m so frustrated. I’ve had hives for 1.5 years

Debra Suplee Donahue

Thats crap. Find another doctor who will listen, is my best advice.

Kamila Staton
Debra, i would love an update to know if the Dexedrine is still helping

Debra Suplee Donahue

Kamila, it’s been working since 1995.

Bonnie Schultz
I’m menopausal but find the hives in my nether region so uncomfortable!

Rain Phoenix Rae

Paula Seddon

Rebecca Fic Odell
Yes, a few days before. And the first few days of.

Rebecca Fic Odell
PS – boob hives suuuuuuuck!

Lori Hlopak Janicki
Absolutely. Every month.

Rachel Iglesias
I asked a dr in urgent care about that years ago and he looked at me like I was crazy

Nalini Roy Babber

Could it be coz your clothes are tighter – I get pressure hives so wear loose clothing during this time

Megan Celisse Lawson

Veronica Jones
By this time last year, I had spent 10 days in the hospital and at least 1 overnight ER visit a month… all during my period!

Randi Rasberry

Girl, yes. The week leading up to my period is usually hell. How many of you who experience this are also on hormonal contraceptive (IUD, OCPs)?

Socky Garza

Maxine Wallace
I’m so glad u brought this up, I have 5-7 days free from hives and after my period is away bang I’m back with the hives and they seem to get bigger each month that passes.

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