I am truly shocked at how diet can affecting my urticaria.

I’m truly shocked at how diet can/is affecting my urticaria. I know mine is autoimmune (Hashimotos also) so didn’t think changing anything could help. However after 3 weeks following AIP (only about 95% compliant as my meds all contain lactose) I saw a MASSIVE reduction in my hives.

Only little red dots instead of the usual mass swelling and no angioedema at all. Thought I was maybe going into a natural remission. Then I fell off the wagon for one day and ate dairy, a little gluten and some nightshades. That night and the following day my hives were horrendous! Back onto AIP and they have totally calmed down again! Could this be my answer? Has anybody else had remission following AIP?


Sarah J Beaton I’m not doing AIP by I have been following a low histamine diet (also no gluten or dairy)for the past month and it has helped tremendously. The first 2 weeks were very hard as my hives got so much worse before they got better but now I’m only getting about 5-10 hives tops (small ones) a day in stead of being covered and they are much more manageable. I’m also off Zantac and only taking 3 antihistamines a day tops. Changing my diet is working wonders! Oh, and I’ve also added a prebiotic and vitamin D.

Greta Fernandes Pereira What’s a low histamine diet?

Laura Cooper Adding a prebiotic is on my to do list but I keep getting overwhelmed with all the choice. Did you just go generic?

Sarah J Beaton I also take a daily probiotic and vitamin d. It’s helped so much. This is the brand of probiotic I take

Mishelle Moore Honestly I tried this before… ended up with me being afraid to eat anything. I literally broke out in hives from water. Smdh

Laura Cooper Sorry it didn’t help any. This condition sucks huh?! I’m not 100% sure it’s the diet that’s helping me jut yet but I’m pretty convinced and seems to be to much of a coincidence. Hope you find something that works for you soon

Strawberry Gallagher I can kind of agree because I have been off sugar since last Wednesday and I automatically saw a lot of inflammation and hives go away I don’t want to get too excited because you know how they come back around in the morning but illuminating sugar’s and flours of all sorts has been great

Laura Lopez I’m doing AIP, although I’m allowing oats. When I had absolutely zero grains, I wasn’t pooping.

Laura Cooper Totally get this 😂 I started having milk of magnesia to help. Working well so far!

Jennifer Rude-Wilder I’ve been doing somewhat of a low histamine diet, but I’m vegetarian/vegan (mostly vegan, but sometimes I want cheese), so it’s hard to cut out a lot of foods that I need to survive. I have noticed that my hives have gotten better, it’s also been more recently that I’ve figured out that allergy medicine gives me hives, so they could be better just because I’m not taking anything anymore.

Laura Cooper Taking fexofenadine definitely made mine worse x

Happy Jack Laura Cooper gave me the worst tummy aches ever..doc didn’t believe me told me not to stop taking, I stopped taking, no more tummy aches

Cath Kierznowski I’ve been Hive free for well over 2 years an in that time I’ve not used ibuprofen as I supespected it was that which was causing it !I had a foot injury and was advised to try the ibuprofen gel which I did just to see and within a week I’ve got my rash back ! 😢I hope it doesn’t stay for to long

Laura Lopez That’s interesting. Sorry you got your hives back. I’ve heard that we shouldn’t take NSAIDs when we have CIU, but I’ve never heard that it could be the cause.

Cath Kierznowski Well I’m suoer strick with what I eat I’m on a low carb no sugar diet deliberately to weed out any foods which could be causing it, I’ve had skin tests done yo see if it’s any known allergy but all came back negative !so I tried staying off the tablets and it could be just coinsidence but it seemed to disappear then like I said it came back! and that’s the only thing that was different so I’m thinking it’s that x

Laura Cooper  During my last flare I had the most awful reaction to ibuprofen and so haven’t touched it since.
My cousin developed CU 6 months ago & his first ever hives started a few hours after taking ibuprofen!!

Cath Kierznowski Yea I wish they’d research it more as maybe some of the ingredients are in other things ! There must be a reason why this particular drug has that effect ? it’s a weird condition !!

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