Face is swollen and hives are large and hard like tumors.

After I had Grape Nuts for dinner. Face is swollen and hives are large and hard like tumors. Apparently, I am now being told I possibly have mast cell activation syndrome. Which covers everything that has been wrong with me over the past several years. Of course, no cure, but low-histamine and gluten free needed. Grape Nuts not gluten free, duh.


LYNN LUCAS GOULD Unfortunately, hives and mast cell activation often go hand in hand, and food plays a big role in keeping it under control. Of course as you mentioned, there is no cure, just keeping outbreaks in check

CARRYN JURGENS I have MCAS. Once I got on meds I improved a lot. Hope you feel better. You can message me if you have anymore questions

BRANDY BURNS Thanks. Probably will have a official diagnosis soon.

HEATHER DERBY NEUFELD Have you thought of leaky gut? Not sure exactly what is working for me but I started off treating leaky gut, gluten and dairy free and low histamine diet. Much better now but I know oranges arent on my good list.

BRANDY BURNS I’m going to start my probiotics this weekend.

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