hi I have been getting hives for over 8 years

I have been getting hives for over 8 years

Y’all does anyone have really bad anxiety? I have been getting hives for over 8 years. I started taking Celexa and my hives are practically gone.. I have done everything tests, medicines ect and nothing has worked. I truly think that a lot of hives are caused by stress. Does anyone else agree? I started getting them at a very stressful point in my life. Now that the stress is managed they are practically gone.


Margaret McLaren Hope the pics are when it was bad. I often wonder if its stress related, but have had more stressful times and been hive free, although maybe it’s a sort of delayed reaction.

Jessie Swafford Stress causes the body to go off balance causing immune system issues, cancer and more. Smart idea managing stress. Easier said than done!

Mishia Jeffress Yea I notice stress makes mine worse and wit 5 Kids I’m stress all the time

Cammie Wendling I have really bad stress right now, my son was in a bad car accident 10 days ago (thankfully he had bumps, bruises and cuts) it’s dealing with the other guys insurance company. I actually feel physically good!! So no, mental stress does not effect my hives or angioedema.

Vikki Crane I have alot of anxiety:(

Jessie Swafford I take the flower essence Elm for anxiety

Jo Richardson Mine can be triggered by stress, coffee, white bread & peanuts. If I have all the above I wake up covered head to toe & unable to move. However each 1 separate will only give minor hives . taken many years to figure this out & ive tested it a few times

Margaret Crider My immunologist told me stress has no impact on hives. Yeah. Right. Anyway, my best guess is that for some stress is a clear trigger while others its not. It isn’t for me. Celexa is an SSRI which have been proven effective at treating hives as well as mental disorders so it could just be that this is your ideal treatment. Either way, I hope it keeps working.

Jennifer Janiece Holt I am positive my CIU is stress related.

Suzan Wharton I have anxiety and PTSD both dx’d before CIU. Both much worse now. New slogan “WELCOME TO CIU, WHERE EVERYTHING IS WORSE!

Fiona Magee Stress can definitely bring on my hives; however, there are lots of time I’m v relaxed and I still get them. What I find crazy making about CIU is that there is rarely a pattern to me getting them, except I almost always get the in the late afternoon / early evening. Rarely during the day.

Eilidh McDonald I’m peri menopausal and convinced hormonal changes are a factor to my chronic urtucaria. Stress also a factor

Lindsey Scheer I’m banking on hormonal also. My worst times are menstrual and ovulation times

Karen Urquhart Me too

Fiona Magee Hormones may have contributed to mine when I was pregnant I rarely had hives but when I was nursing and then menopause they came back with a vengeance.

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