I have been on Xolair for 4 months and it’s never helped.

Has anyone had a similar experience of Xolair

I’ve been on Xolair for 4 months and it’s never helped. I get extremely exhausted after the injections for days and the after the last 2 rounds my elbows and all the bones in my arms hurt all the time. My Dr is taking me off Xolair and wants me to start Dupixent. Has anyone had a similar experience?


Stephanie Lee
My immunologist said it works wonders! But assumed since I was having trouble getting an increased dose of xolair my insurance company would refuse to cover it as it’s not approved for hives as it is for eczema.

Soren J Ateri
Xolair can take longer to work. I had three months post injection with tired ached and joint pain but then it never Happened again. I’m hive free and med free now also

Judy Smith
It took 5 or 6 months for the injection to make me hive free. Been on it for almost 2 years now and I only get small flares due to pressure/ heat/stress but they dont last long. Around my 13th injection I was able to stop all my other meds. I just take an occasional med here or there for when I do flare.

Judy Smith
I do however have joint pain but they aren’t sure if it’s because of the disease of the injection.

Judy Clark
Did it lessen your flares in the first few months? Mine have worsened since taking Xolair.

Judy Smith
Nope. I was honestly about to give up because mine were getting worst! I went into anaphylactic shock pretty much weekly for the first few months. My dermatologist wanted me to wait until my 6th injection before giving up because it does take a while to get into your system and I’m honestly so glad I waited as it’s been a major lifesaver.

Judy Smith
When my arm pain got bad, they decided to try the injections in my belly and that seemed to help some. But I still have the tiredness and joint pain.

Judy Smith
Judy Clark everyone’s body reacts differently though so it’s hard to know what the right thing to do is. I hope this helps. Don’t give up

Kimberley Ann
I’ve been on xolair for 7 months. I’ve found the last few injections I wasn’t quite as tired. But achy all over and it seemed to be taking longer for hives to disappear.

Cindy Forster Mia Forster

Lisa Schieber
Took me 9 months to be hive free.

Susan Lynn
It took me 8 months stick with it

Amy Christmas
At the beginning I would be out of comission for the rest of the day. I started getting the injections in the afternoon to avoid loosing a whole day. It still makes me tired but not nearly as bad as it was at first.

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