hi I have suffered with hives for almost 8 years

I have suffered with hives for almost 8 years

I have suffered with hives for almost 8 years and still can’t work out what causes it, it controls everything I do and antihistamine only helps sometimes, any suggestions what has caused people’s hives? And what do you use to keep it under control


ABYLENE BOHAC I am convinced that a pair of pants I bought from Way-Mart is what caused this nonsense to start up. I had to have a long pair of jeans to do a jail visit for a Citizen’s Police Academy program I was in…I’d wear them every Thursday to the meetings for 12 weeks! I only began having hives at that time. Never before. Those damn pants had a material called “ramie” in them…Yup, I’m convinced! I’ve only had two rounds of Xolair but am being patient as my allergist says it takes 3 rounds to see result. What all have you tried? We all feel your pain….

RACHAEL PROCTOR I just got my 4th shot and have maybe 2-4 breakouts a month and they are minimal in comparison!

ABYLENE BOHAC So glad it’s working for you! Sweet baby Jesus I am praying it works for me, too! My allergist, once I see results, wants to space the shots out…if I have good results with no hives at 4 weeks then the next shot will be at 5 weeks, etc…is that what they had you do, as well?

RACHAEL PROCTOR I get it every 4 weeks. Eventually she wants to go to 6 weeks but I want to be hive free for a while before we experiment!

KATIE WESTMARK-BENJAMIN I have cut out coffee for a week now and have found thats helping , also drinking organic green tea with organic honey . No bread and very little bread products like noodles , crackers ect… I have cut way back on sugar and have been buying mostly organic and not eating boxed prepared food, because it seems to give me flare ups.

SUZANNE LAUB BETHARD As to what makes one person start to have hives over someone who doesn’t. Idk. I know that mine started about 12 years ago a few months after a car accident.
I believe it is related to candida/yeast overgrowth in your colon. That leads to leaky gut. Leaky gut manifests in many different ways. All autoimmune diseases are related to LG.

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