hi I have swelling, chronic pain and body that is on fire

I have swelling, chronic pain and body that is on fire

So last night I spent it in a&e..i waited 1hr.I was seen by a triage nurse for her to say to me after explaining myself about the excruciating pain I was in with my bones and joints (I couldn’t walk) “well what do you want us to do”? As you can imagine I wasn’t in the mood so my reply was (excuse my language) “what the fuck do you think I want you do do, I’m here because my pain threshold has been beaten, as you can see I have swelling, chronic pain a d a body that is on fire”.then was told me to wait again another hour went by..seen by a consultant who said they can’t help me, their too busy..here’s some steroids and a mouthful of morphine..my reply was shove your steroids up your arse.I won’t be taking them as they DO NOT work, and I won’t. E visiting this hospital in a hurr.. now got to wait to speak my my own consultant who is also crap as he doesn’t like to spend money from the NHS to ppl who actually need it..
On another note happy hive free Sunday my fellow itchy buddies.
WEEK 3 constant Current situation excuse the face had no sleep.


Lisa Springett Ouch I feel for u been there so nasty xx

Julie Davies They don’t have a clue!!! Maybe if they researched it properly maybe they could help xx

Carol Mark Rollo I’m sooooo sorry. How long have you hadn’t this and what meds are you on? I too have had experience of going to a&e and made to feel like a waste of space! Oh and in the words of the nurse ” it can’t kill you so isn’t an emergency “😡 I hope you have a better day today xx

Julie Davies Been like this since august. I’m on cetrizine and atrax been taken off fexofenadine, I should be starting methotrexate on Tuesday xxx

Carol Mark Rollo Through being on this and another fb site, reading other sufferers cases, I’ve made myself a cocktail of drugs 😜! Fexofenadine seems to be the one that everyone gets put on. I found all it done was make me fat and sleepy ( 4 a day) Hope your new one works for you xx

Shannon Moya I also was on atarax and cetrizine. The cetrizine didn’t do anything because (according to my dr.) It only takes care of part of the histamines . not all of it. There’s another antihistamine you should be on in conjunction. I’ll be damned if I remember the name

Carol Mark Rollo It’ll be ranitidine, the antacid?

Elizabeth Murillo What carol said. Antihistamines don’t even touch my hives unless I am taking ranitidine (Zantac) in conjunction with it. I take 300 mg twice a day. Ask your dr about adding it. Sorry you’re feeling so shitty

Faye Provan Can i ask why you were taken off fenofexadine Julie? X

Annie Jenkins Julie, what topical creams are you using? I’m getting massive relief with Aloe Vera gel. It just takes the edge off to stop me scratching.

Michelle Almond Demand to be referred to dr marsland at salford noticed the area you live he is a specialist in urticaria x

Julie Davies Awwww thank you I will do x

Michelle Almond He is really good he studied it in america and get its completely be forceful i was lucky that wigan was like not a clue we give up and referred me best thing is having someone who understands let me kniw how u get on x

Julie Davies Thank you I feel like a freak at the moment I won’t go out anywhere and wear anything g but jumpers just hope I get the right answers soon xx

Rai Said Those hives look awful! Can u sue the hospital for such treatment?

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