hi I tried everything like skin treatment, home remedies, even a hypnotist!

I tried everything like skin treatment, home remedies, even a hypnotist!

My journey started last summer when I thought I was being bitten constantly by mosquitos. Inside and the only one in the house being “bitten”.
Then the awful journey started. I tried everything and saw countless doctors, treatments, behavior modifications, skin treatments, home remedies, even a hypnotist! Doctors has me on Benadryl, Atarax, Dapsone, Sinequan, Keflex cream,and more I am forgetting.
Nothing worked, the hives were horrible and we’re all over my body!
Finally, I got approved for Xolair and after 2 injections, no relief! I was devastated! Then, after the 3rd injection, the hives started not to be as bad and as frequent.
I am on my 6th month of Xolair and doing much better. I’m still on 4 Clartins a day, Atarax in conjunction with the Xolair, but finally am doing better.


Stephanie Bradshaw Great news. Did u have any bad side effects after having 2 shots that didn’t work? I have had mine for jus 1 week and terrible side effects so now I am not sure if I should go for more. Hives got way worse, I was hospitalised post jab for anaphylaxis risk and off work for the week. It’s day 7/ and I am finally clearing up but still pretty hived up by night, taking 4 Xyzal, 1 atarax and 1 singular.

Amy Seabrook Thank you for sharing

Sue Elshire Hargrave I’m so glad to hear this, Mary! It still looks like you are getting breakthroughs, though, when looking at the photo. For that, I am sorry! I hope for you to have 100% pure, no-hive skin!!!

Mary Lou Robison Those pics are from a few months ago when the hives were active. Luckily now I am doing much better with Xolair monthly and Atarax, and 4 Zyrtec daily!

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