Is it Folliculitis or an allergy

What are these things drive me nuts. Is it Folliculitis or an allergy. Getting them elsewhere too. No one else is catching them. I’ve had chickenpox a lot when I was a kid. I’m 42 and prediabetis, and other health issues. Need advice. Thanks


Gypsy Cyndi Wirtz I got folliculitis once from scratching my hives and once from steroid creams…. Not to freak you out but as a nurse there are some that go in a row possibly scabies?… and no everyone doesnt always get them by you and no it does not mean the person is dirty… anyone can catch them

Pamela Hopkins My 2 kids and husband don’t have this . I have had my gallbladder out about 4 to 5 years ago

Georgina Rangi I get “folliculitis” whenever I use steroid creams….which unfortunately is a lot of times 😩
Derm thought it was scabies ….but it wasn’t.

Pamela Hopkins I think I need a 10 day antibiotics(pills) to kick it. I do feel crawling on my body but don’t see anything. I have very good hygiene. No one in the house has this. We have house cat she has no fleas etc.

Georgina Rangi Pamela Hopkins just be aware that antibiotics cause gut problems and side affects.
I rub vinegar on my affected areas and realised that the foll- are a cycle. Annoying and itchy….but usually clear up after a few weeks.

Penny Arlene umm “me too” and that elsewhere is horribly uncomfortable in a major way! freaks me out hearing all this talk of gangrene in a certain place even tho i never took whatever med they are supposedy blaming for it…. what if it is NOT caused by the med? hmmm? i just want it healed up and gone!

Tammy Thomas Suire Can a child get chicken pox more than once?

Jen Lea Neel Tammy Thomas Suire, yes. I have a friend whose son doesn’t build immunity. Her son had had chicken pox 6 times.

Penny Arlene Tammy Thomas Suire YES even tho the medical community continues to teach no. 3 of my kids, myself and my own dad have gotten them MANY times for many years each time there was another outbreak diagnosed as chicken pox doctor of the moment would just state must have been mistaken before…. Finally my kids and myself were with a doctor long enough he made that statement and had to check himself since he was the doctor to diagnose most recent recurrence and the previous!. My dad and I both had full blown shingles repeatedly On left and right side of body head neck face back chest etc.. Even had simultaneous both sides at once that’s a bad memory for sure….n I will now get individual zosters pop up in times of stress.. Sometimes small clusters.. All have the same heralding nerve symptoms prior to eruption. Once you know it there is nothing else like it
. when I feel it I am in an instant ” uh oh…” Moment..

Cathy Lynn Spencer I had something like this and I thought it might be scabies since I had spent a week in a motel room. This last about 6 or 7 weeks. I tired all medications for scabies. It was not scabies. It was hives. It went from these little spots of red and brown to the raging -red raised welts.I then knew it was hives. It burned and itched and spread in such a painful manner throughout my whole body.

Pamela Hopkins That’s how mine had felt and some where like painful boils that poured out blood at times. Did you get a cause on that from doctor?

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