Just want to share my progress on my hives

just want to share my progress on my hives. Last week I got my result from my skin biopsy. I have Vasculitis Urticaria. My Dermatologist explained that it is an inflammation of my blood vessels and is NOT an allergy. He explained that it manifests like an allergy but in fact, it is a part of Auto Immune Disease.

He gave me Gupisone 20 and a stronger medicine Sandimmun Neoral (see picture below).
I am just a few days from taking this new medicine. So far, the burning and itching is gone. The hives are still there but slowly disappears (it did not disappear immediately after taking the meds). I’ll have to go back every week to the hospital to to get my blood tested as they need to monitor if there will be improvement in my blood while taking these medicine.
Hoping for the best and will update in case I get good results. God bless everyone.

Just want to share my progress on my hives

Just want to share my progress on my hives


Carol Zammit Ciclosporin are what saved me! follow the doctor’s orders and keep up with the blood tests…I took them for 8 weeks…I have been hive free for over a year now!

Stephanie Germer So happy you found an answer!!!

Tina Tufano This is what mine looks like. Thank you for sharing. I’m going to look into this type of urticaria further.

Be Taylor Does your hives disappear and reappear on a different part of your body?

RA Verzosa Cadeliña – Navalta Be Taylor yes it does.

Suzanne Davey Mine is the same and I’m noticed the last two months that mine is worse just before a period so possibly hormone related too .

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