My kiddo has had hives that come and go since she was 16 months old

They did a pretty impressive blood work up

Hello again. My kiddo has had hives that come and go since she was 16 months old. They have become more consistent, most every day she has at least a handful. They have been interfering with her sleep. I finally got a referral from her pediatrician to derm.
We saw derm last week. They did a pretty impressive blood work up. CBC, liver function, kidney function, ANA, thyroid function, ENA panel. They also did a chronic urticaria index. Well, we just got the results back. Everything checks out okay. One of her allergy markers is slightly elevated. And her chronic urticaria index is positive. The Dr says this means she has autoimmune urticaria. They are unsure if she will outgrow this or if it’s something base will deal with forever. Hypothetically, this puts her at risk for other autoimmune disorders.
She’s 3. Is there any hope that she will outgrow this and she may be spared another autoimmune diagnosis?
Of note, we are on Zyrtec and zantac twice a day and it seems to be working! I think I’ve seen one hive on her in a week since starting.
Sorry to be long winded!


Jan Maher
Have you tried going gluten and dairy free in her diet to see if that helps?

Stacey Flowers
We have not made any dietary changes at this point. But I’ve been considering gluten.
I’m afraid at this point we won’t know since her hives are controlled with medicine right now.
I’m concerned of the ling term implication of the autoimmune aspect.

Jan Maher
Stacey Flowers Going gluten and dairy free for a few months might enable you to reduce or eliminate the meds.

Kaitlin Carroll
How did your doctor test for chronic urticaria – is that what it’s called and what you ask for or was there another name or code for it on the lab test? My allergist and Lyme doc just assume I have it but I didn’t know you could actually test for it.

Stacey Flowers
Kaitlin Carroll it was a test called “chronic urticaria index.” It was positive suggesting that it has an autoimmune basis vs “idiopathic.”
This doesn’t actually change much for us except stress me out about the potential of other autoimmune disorders in the future.

Kaitlin Carroll
Yeah I absolutely understand. I already have another autoimmune disease but idk if it would be caused by this, my Lyme, or other co-infections. But thank you cause the test could be helpful.

Nancy Williams
Poor baby!! 😔 Blackseed Oil has been the key for me!! I’ve been pretty much hive free since May! Before that I was taking: 2 Zyrtec/1 Zantac A.M. & P.M., 10mg singulair at night, and each day Vit. D3, & hydroxydine as needed (1 Year). Note: Then I added 1 tsp Blackseed Oil a.m. and p.m., & my hives disappeared after about 4 months! Then I weened off Zyrtec and my other meds slowly. I’m still hive free & still take Blackseed Oil, vit D ❤️ Us CIU are known to be lacking/low on Vit D. Good luck!!

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