hi Any help would be appreciated

Any help would be appreciated

8th day with this all over my body it is driving me crazy much respect for those who suffer daily. I am on 50mg prednisone, loratidine and phenergan at nigh.. any help would be appreciated! They dont seem to be going down just flaring up then disappearing then coming back


Tammy Tj Perdue Rees Yep, mine change every 24 hrs. I tried meds. Making diet changes now and started seeing a naturopath. We will see…

Paula Rigley Get drinking celery juice. It really works. My mum had them everyday now she has none.

Stephanie Elaine Crabb See if doctor/ allergist wants you to add Zantac 150mg. Twice daily and if you should change to Zyrtec or Allegra if other isn’t working calamine lotion (pink) works for the itch! Best wishes to finding what works for you😊

Prateeksha Singh Try applying aloe vera gel on the hives. Will definitely reduce itching and help in soothing the skin. Give it a try.

Jaliylah Dysart I take 2 zyrtec 3 times a day. It seems like a lot but it keeps my flare ups at bay. It’s worth a shot. That looks really painful. Sending positive vibes your way, good luck

Jen Wah Lotus Thanks for all the advice i tried the aloe doesnt really do much at all calamine does the trick… i think having a beer yest made it the worst yet i am having loratadine plus zyrtex daily up to 2 polaramine night i am in hell here its been over 3’weeks now and i
Wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy… if i am gluten and dairy free how do i get good fats?? I just dont want to be on meds and be itch free im in hell

Any help would be appreciated

Beth Wilcox Gluten & Dairy Free healthy fats: coconut oil, avocados, avocado oil, ghee, bacon grease, MCT oil, flax seeds, flaxseed oil.

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