Anyone else suffer from severe stress hives?

having a chronic hives

Hi All! Thanks for the add! After a very sad and traumatic life experience Im having a chronic hives flare up I believe due to grief and emotional stress. Benadryl worsens it as does Zyrtec. I get random outbreaks all over the body but not itchy but the left shoulder and neck has been a consistent flare and inflammed and itchy. I eat a good healthy Paleo diet and have started Acupunture again in hopes that it will help. Anyone else suffer from severe stress hives? Thanks in advance


DEE ANN MIDCAP Oh I am sooooo sorry. I am having chronic hives as well, not sure if from stress or what!! But the itching is awful. I am so sorry for the stress you are having to bring them on. Do you take any prednisone for it. As long as I am on prednisone they are at bay. As soon as I try to cut down on the pred to 2 1/2 am and 2 1/2 pm I get flare ups!!!! Just can’t seem to get off the pred! I am doing Zyrtec and SIngular along with Pepcid…….Want to get off all of this and go to natural only, but so far that hasn’t happened. Dr. Wants me to go on mtx but I do NOT want to take that drug!!!

KIRSTY EDWARDS Is prednisone a steroid cream? I refuse to use steroid cream after using it for another condition and it basically destroying my skin. the odd part was I took a Zyrtec to help me sleep and woke up with the hives then I started taking Benadryl to get rid of them and it made the shoulder outbreak flare. Now I’m just not taking anything. My dermatolgist told me to stop the Benadryl. I recently Started LDN for an auto immune problem which has the same underlying inflammation cause but I know that’s not causing the hives because
I had it before I started that. I only ever get outbreaks this bad when something bad happens or im going through extreme emotional stress. I’m at a loss what to do about it. I just have to talk or think about the trauma and they appear ­I’m like you and prefer to to take meds. Thanks so much for your kind reply.

DEE ANN MIDCAP The prednisone is a pill…….but they don’t like you to take it for long because of the side effects. I have been on it off and on since August and really want to get off of it, but every time I try to cut back I get a flare up that will take 4-5 days to calm back down!!! So frustrating…. I am so sorry for you. Those emotional stressors are not fun!!! The doctor keeps asking me what I am stressing about and so I try to work hard on not “stressing”, but how do you do that when you just care so much about people, family and friends!!!????? Let me know if you figure that one out!!!

BARBARA JENSEN BLAU If they are stress related- have you tried hypnosis? Meditation? Yoga? Those could really help you relax your body and mind.

KIRSTY EDWARDS The last time this happened was during IVF and my dad got diagnosed with cancer all in the same month. Thankfully he got through it and I got pregnant that month so there’s that. At least I know they are not having a trickle down effect causing other problems but damn they are annoying aren’t they! I went back to boxing that cycle having given it up the previous two cycles. You’re right, I need to find a stress reliever. I really want to try yoga. Can you suggest a good relaxing one for a beginner? Might have to punch something as well ‚ thanks ladies

MEGAN SPEES I also suffer from stress hives, I found doing yoga, exercising and eating good food has helped I took a 3 month leave from work cause it was the main cause of stress, but I have a routine of working out, yoga, and relaxing in my hot tub and it has helped out lots. I hope that helps a bit. Learning to let go of the small things has helped me out lots

KIRSTY EDWARDS Exactly what I need to do

MEGAN SPEES its so hard, i know but going to places and having people over i had to stop doing for awhile cause it was stressing me out….. but i didnt know it was stressing me out. its okay to have that time alone and take care of yourself i just had to tell people that i needed it that way. i made myself sick with stress and i can never take it back now and all i can do now is try to fix it. i have gotten better and now that i have the hives under control i can really relax more the hives cause stress themselves’

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