No relief from this awful itching and constant hives since Thursday morning

Need to vent. I have not had any medication since Wednesday. I have an allergist appointment on Monday morning and need all the antihistamines out of my system. No relief from this awful itching and constant hives since Thursday morning. 17 weeks of non stop hives, 3 doctors (GP, Dermatologist, Rheumatologist) blood tests, several different meds. (non have worked except Prednisone) tests, and nothing!!! Now it’s the allergist route. Hope they find something.
Any suggestions for relief that does not include antihistamines? (So I can make it to Monday without going crazy!!!!!)
Went to the allergist and was tested for approx. 52 different things. Nothing!!! Not a thing was I allergic to. So next step is Xolair shots. Dr. recommend them because I am not responding to any antihistamines and prednisone is the only thing to take the hives away.
Must say a little nervous about them. Going to do a lot of research to make sure I want to do this. My Dr. said he as approx. 45-50 patients on Xolair and they are having very successful results. Dr. gave me a lot of information to comb through and for now I am on a 5 day regiment of Allegra, Xyzal, Tagamet, and Prednisone.Love to know anyone’s feedback on Xolair. Need to gather info. Thanks!!!


Michelle Gobeyn Can you go the topical route?? Aveeno bath, cerave cream with colloidal oatmeal, or topical pramoxine cream? Those have all helped me in the past.

Katlyn Garner Baking soda bath! Get your body wet, sprinkle the baking soda all over, then soak and add more to the tub.. I swear by it.. I have hives shoulders to toes and mine never go away, it is my go to.. light some candles and listen to calming music helps during the bath too.. prayers for strength and speedy healing

Katie Gordon Aveeno oatmeal bath packets work well for me! I feel your pain – been there done that. Good luck!!

Katlyn Garner Katie Gordon I do rotate with those also.. my baking soda bath is my go to when I have a flare; it usually gives immediate relief.. I wish I had known 3 years ago when these started.. I’ve been vegan for a little over a month and my hives have drastically improved, still here and flare when I get hot but much more manageable.. I recommend this lifestyle (vegan) to those dealing with our life style of chronic hives, doesn’t hurt to try that’s for sure! I hope you heal soon also!

Edie Nezat Julie I have been exactly where you are now. This is not an allergy I guarantee it. O they may find that you are allergic to some things and they may give you Meds for that. Those hives will go away ( in remission ) in their own time.
I would suggest some cooling lotions, sometime I use rubbing alcohol for relief or even ice hot
Good luck honey looking forward to hearing your results Monday
Sending prayers

Lisa Draghi Bonacasa Try Epson salt and lavender oil in a bath

Elizabeth Perz Aveeno Oatmeal bath will provide a bit of relief. Then apply a thick coat of moisturizing lotion, often. Cold/ice packs to the worst areas.

Cindy Richards Miller Are you taking probiotics? And I agree with Edie, be prepared if the allergy tests are negative.

Terri Patton I’m in the same boat! I’m so sorry for you. I’m about to itch my face off. I went in the sun for a tiny bit today now my face is in a huge flare

Katlyn Garner Seriously.. make a paste with baking soda and put it all over your face I know it will give immediate relief

Terri Patton Going to allergist Monday and can’t have any antihistamines

Alison Firpo I have had these hives on and off almost in like flares up since February. Saw rheumatologist who was no help, saw a functional med dr, she had me do an allergy test which I have no allergies, all my bloodwork really shows is inflammation marker. Creativep is high. Allergist is the one the diagnos3d me with chronic autoimmune urticaria but I think I need to get a second opinion because this may even be happening from my virthdcontrol but doctors never mentioned nuva ring ,coul cause hives!. He has me tapering off prednisone then taking alleges and zyrtec and zantac if that doesn’t work he said the xolair shots. But I have tried EVRYTHING nothing has helped but prednisone which is no good .next dr I’m going to is gynocologist and dermatologist.

Alison Firpo The cold seems to have help me get to sleep at least. Has to be very cold where I sleep.

Tonya Scarcello Call you doctor and tell them you your suffering. My understanding is that they have alternate testing that doesn’t require removing the histamines. Is more expensive and take a little longer. But it is all done in the lab with blood work. Most people who walk in with seasonal allergies have to go without meds. But if you have any face swelling call! Mine gets progressive to anaphylactic pretty quickly.

Maria Aprile Dampen a towel with water and lie down with it over you

Tonya Scarcello When I take a warm shower it ends my wheal sooner. But I have the effect of histamine dumping, BM (2 hours exactly) and sometimes headache, brain fog. But the itching stops long enough to get to sleep. Or go out in public with skin showing. Before the next wheal shows up. Cool showers slow the process down for me.

Meagan Motley I have been diagnosed with chronic autoimmune urticaria. I went to over 20 allergy doctors, dermatologists and specialists but they have never found an allergy. I have had them on and off for 25 years. I definitely think they are hormone related as well as related to my thyroid. I didn’t know before, but I found out five years ago that I had hypothyroidism. After reading 1 million articles, it turns out that the two are very linked. So if you haven’t got your thyroid checked out, I would do that! Last episode came six months after the birth of my daughter. Only wear my hormones running wild, but my TSH levels were at 43. Mind you they should be below 2.0. So it all made total sense this last time.
As far as immediate relief, definitely the baths that everyone mentioned helps me a lot. Cold packs. And essential oils roman chamomile, rosemary, frankincense, peppermint and lavender. I usually have them from six months to 18 months with each episode (every single day) but I think the essential oils helped cut my time in half the last time I got them. Good luck! It is a miserable, lonely, uncomfortable and scary illness. I am thinking positive thoughts for you.

Tonya Scarcello Question for you. Did you have a similar experience. When I would Brest feed, I would have what I couldn’t explain the. But can now. A large dump of histamine.
I would get so weak when my milk would let down that I felt like I could drop my baby. So I always took precautions. Also I have post operative swelling. Which I hear can be related. When I get my blood drawn (during a flare up) the spot swells. Up.

Meagan Motley Tonya Scarcello interesting. I don’t recall feeling like that but gosh that sounds terrible! I stopped nursing 2 months into my flareup when my daughter was 8 months because she weened herself and just refused. But I don’t remember anything crazy happened to during the 2 months that I had them and nursed. It’s so hard having flare ups while caring for a small baby. It’s just so uncomfortable. And I don’t really have any lasting problems after my TSH test. I get them every 6-8 weeks for the last 5 years. Sometimes I get an inexperienced phlebotomist and it leaves a little bump and bruising but it’s usually gone in a few days

Janet Morales You need allergies in immunology. I’ve gone done your path and ended up paying $700 out of pocket for an allergy test of foods just to be told 2 out of like 20 items came back slightly elevated but not a killer reaction.! I’ve had the best dr in immunology that actually treat dozens of hive cases a week

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