Anyone have any other meds that help that are over the counter?

Some days are far more worse than others!
I have been dealing with this for a year and a half!
Nope I haven’t went to a doctor and haven’t yet been diagnosed!
Wanna know why?
The doctor can’t tell me anything I haven’t found already on my own!
I myself take Zyrtec and Zantac once in the morning and if it comes through out the day I will take more!
I sometimes just deal with it only because Doctors sometimes just want money money money!
Sometimes this stuff is unbearable but I gotta push through and smile!
Anyone have any other meds that help that are over the counter? I’m not a doctor person! I have anxiety that drives me crazy and doctors aren’t What they used to be!


JANE GILMORE CREEKMORE Anti-anxiety meds really help take the edge off and might ease your hives but also hydroxyzine and Zyrtec seem to calm mine way down.
Good luck.Cognitive behavior therapy is 80-90% effective in calming anxiety long term as well. As I have learned, it my norm to be on high alert and always going so I wasnt even aware of toll anxiety was taking on my health. Not sure that is the case for you but just thought Id mention

JENN MCGRADY Hydroxyzine worked for me! It does require a prescription.

MELANIE NOOSBOND Stress induces my hives and angioedema. I wonder if anti anxiety medication would help

EDNA-HAYES HARRISON Maybe Allegra? It’s different enough in side effects and, I assume, method of action that it might be good to take in addition to Zyrtec. Maybe at a different time of day. At least that’s what I’ve been doing lately.

THERESA KRAMER GABICA I take Allegra and Xyzal(prescription), not at the same time. One or the other every 5-6 hours. And Benadryl if they itch terribly. Zyrtec didn’t seem to work anymore.

SAMANTHA SHANAHAN I wish I would have not went to the dr would have saved me thousands of dollars and they didn’t even help me this page did! For anxiety try getting kava kava root it’s natural and you can buy at your local health food store not sure if it will cause a flare up of hives or not

JES MOTTA You can try loratadine (Claritin). It is a 2nd Gen H1 Blocker like Zyrtec. Sometimes one works better then the other for people. Same goes for the H2 blocker. Try different combinations. When I am really swollen, I cant focus, I am anxious, super irritable, and just in pain. I have not found anything that helps as well as marijuana. I will more than likely visit that again soon. Just trying to find the cause right know. So by the end of the month I will probably be getting a Medical Card. No antihistamines work on me or prednisone. I have taken depression meds, anxiety meds, adhd (also pretty good)meds, and many different forms of pain meds.
I now do nothing, mostly because nothing worked so no point in taking something that doesnt work. Changing my diet helped a lot too, but that is mostly because I am more than likely allergic to Progesterone so I avoid it in my food but cant really avoid that completely.


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