hi Anyone looking for a Vitamin D supplement ?

Anyone looking for a Vitamin D supplement ?

Anyone looking for a Vitamin D supplement, this has been life changing for me. I made it through my first winter and half way through summer without hives for the first time in 14 years.
Even though my doctor doesn’t believe it, it’s the only thing I’ve done different. Vitamin K should be taken with D to help your body properly absorb it.


Kate Bennett Where do you get these?

Kammy Eisenberg How many do you take ? Doesn’t seem like enough D.

Lucy Knowles Kammy Eisenberg yeh our Doc told my son to take 4,000 IU

Lucy Knowles Never mind it DOES SAY 5,000 , On here
VIT D 4,000 , Vit C LIPOSOMAL 2,000 mg helps Alot

Cora Gendron Kammy Eisenberg i take two every morning. 5000iu each

Allison Aileen Glad it works for you. It doesn’t work for me. There is a study about this… for some people, increased vitamin D does help.

Katie Foal It really helped me when I was taking it!

Nicole Stromath Please ask for blood tests before starting vitamin D, too much is bad for kidneys. Not everyone is deficient so supplementing may be bad.

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