I took only a Zantac last night,my lip swelled up when I woke up

Oh no I took only a Zantac last night cause I ran out of Zyrtec and my lip swelled up when I woke up a little and I got some hives what the he’ll I dnt wanna keep taking this and then my body gets use to it that I eventually get them back I’ve been doing good on the meds for 6 days helppp not as bad the hives but my lip omg every few weeks it does this crap.


JASMINE BAVARO Yeah lip went down

KATIEWESTMARK-BENJAMIn Have you tried the 24hr claritin and lots of water?

THERESA KRAMER GABICA I use generics from Walmart or Costco. Oh, and Costco’s Allergy pink pills are like Benadryl but I don’t get drowsy. Costco bottles contain 365 pills so I don’t run out.

THERESA KRAMER GABICA I take Zyrtec/Zantac in the morning, Claritin in the afternoon, Zyrtec & Pepcid at dinner, Zyrtec at bedtime. Sometimes I take Allegra in place of Zyrtec, just to mix things up.

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