hi Can hives be started by stress and trauma

Can hives be started by stress and trauma

I live in the UK. I started with hives about 4 years ago I have them most days and they drive me crazy. My doctor has prescribed fexofenadine 180 mg with ranatdine tablets which haven’t helped at all.
Again went bk to gp just the other day I said they don’t work her answer was go but some anti histamine from chemist. Can hives be started by stress and trauma as I had a still birth 5 years ago then my dad died 4 months later, any advice I would be greatful thank you


Kimberley Morris My CU is definately triggered by stress. Then having them also stresses me out.

Anna Lee Hurd Stress can be the culprit. I take cetirizine in the morning and it helps for 10 hours. Then the hives come back. I’m on 4 years now. Prednisone doesn’t work. Neither did benadryl.

Tammy Bryant Anna Lee Hurd I take Zyrtec and Zantac twice a day with singular at night just started singular last night . Do you take the Zyrtec just once a day

Anna Lee Hurd Tammy Bryant in the morning and one at night

Sabrina Lee Do you find Fexofenadine stops the hives temporarily at least? Mine stop over night at least if I take the 180mg. I take up to 4 loratadine with it. No prevention, but a pause at least.

Susan Garbutt Sabrina Lee no the rash is still there for at least 24 hours before it disappears and still very itchy

Kianna Lindsay Blexten (at 4 tablets a day) helped with mine a lot. I still had bad outbreaks but it did help!

Elizabeth Mullins Yes. It’s definitely my trigger. I’m reading a book right now hoping to find some real advice. It’s called “the eczema diet”. By Karen Fischer. Has information about detox pathways and other stuff in easy to read language. Only half way through it but I’m encouraged.

Sharni Herbert Stress 1000% triggers mine.
I used to only take fexofwnodine + ranitidine every night but the past 8 or so months I got prescribed montelukast as well and it’s helped SO much

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