hi Does it look like hives?

Does it look like hives?


My daughter had urticaria (hives) previous to this. It went away for a few months. Now she is itching on and off and getting a rash on her back. Does it look like hives?


CHRISTIE CN This looks like heat rash (or viral). Does the baby wear fleece sleepers? Could be causing over heating. That, or a contact allergy to chemicals in clothes. It doesnt look like hives exactly, at least not what Ive experienced.

LAURA RECTENWALD Looks viral to me… I’m trying to remember what my babies had when they got this type of rash. Hope they feel better soon

KATIE ROSE Looks like hand foot and mouth

JES MOTTA My cousin little girl just had a viral rash that looked like this. My cousin ended up getting it too.
I would take her to the doctor just to confirm.
It lasted for about three days for both of them and was just given Zyrtec and wait it out. Theirs werent really itchy though so it could be something different.

RACHAEL MINARDS Thanks Jess Jes Motta. She’s been itching like mad before bed. It’s really bothering her. We have put calamine lotion on her but her back is still red and itchy. She hasn’t been unwell either, so it’s very odd.

JES MOTTA Yeah they were completely normal other then the rash. I am around both of them daily and I didnt get it. So it is hard to say for sure if that is what your daughter has or not.

HASSAAM FAZAL Hives at this age? Nah its viral or bacterial!

STACEY WELLINGTON My little girl has suffered hives since 5 weeks of age. Not uncommon

HASSAAM FAZAL I am so sorry! I hope shes alright.

SANDREW RUMSEY Ask a doc to be certain please try home remedies if its urticaria I’m waiting to see if my daughter will get urticaria in December . I used aloe vera gel to apply on her skin and to drink


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