Had anyone had their hives blister?

Had anyone had their hives blister? I had a single huge hive on my ankle yesterday and by the end of the night it looked like this. I’ve had swelling like this before but never blisters.


Louise Taylor I’ve had smaller Ones that have blistered. I used to think they were bug bites but now I realize they are hives. I’ve no idea why they do that though

Röbïñ Ñïcöle Yes I get them when I scratch

Louise Taylor That’s probably true here too Robin. Honestly I’ve just about given up trying to understand what when and why. All I care about is finding the right antihistamine, cream, lotion or spray to give me relief.
There seems to be no way to keep ahead of them!

Röbïñ Ñïcöle I use a prescription steroid cream helps a lot

Louise Taylor That’s what I’m doing today but no sooner do I hit one spot that another creeps up! Aargh

Nicole Parent Interesting about blistering if you scratch I was in a crowd at a concert and I wonder if I didn’t get kicked or something by accident and it seemed innocent at the time but then turned into this. Now I know, I suppose

Robyn Starks Thats called 3rd spacing. When you swell so much it breaks through to the top layer of epidermis. It has happened to me. Worst pain!!

Louise Taylor Interesting

Tracy Hambrick I’ve gotten blisters and all kinds of swelling, lumps and hives. I have CPU and chronic hives. Some days I feel like I’m losing my mind with all the itching and swelling.

Cochinillo Dulce Only blisters I get are on top of my hands and creases of fingers.

Amelia Louise Oh no! No advice but you poor thing. Sending hugs this gets better soon!

Helen Spiridis Oh my you poor darling. I hope you are really better soon. I have never had anything tis bad – sorry I can’t be of any help.

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