Has anybody noticed antihistamine make them worst?

I been looking at the posts here for a while but i haven’t introduce myself yet. I been diagnosed with chronic urticaria in april . It started at a really stressful time of my life with a few hives here and there but it quickly became out of control.
I’ve seen a dermatologist and an allergist whose prescribed me several types of antihistamine. None of them seem to work. Then i stopped all medication for the allergy test and noticed my urticaria is better when i don’t take any antihistamine, really not perfect but better.
Unfortunatly my allergist won’t believe me when i tell him antihistamine make my worst and won’t start me on xolair. Now he’s making me try Rupall which i started today. The pictures are my current flare up on Rupall.


Lydia van Bruggen first time I see someone with same story.. I also felt mine wore worsening on antihistamines.. but had to take theim up to the highest dose (that they give in the Netherlands) for the insurance to allow xolair.. still on the desloratadine and montelukast but with xolair. got better since the xolair

Marie Couillard All antihistamines make me go into anaphylaxis . I had a allergic reaction to xoliar also

Joanne Benson Mine where worse on steroids so refused them they got worse for a few weeks then I got them under control with cetirizine hydrochloride then when I was pregnant I couldn’t take that so was given phenergan which was amazing 1 tablet kept them at bay for 5-7 days then I didn’t need them at all untill 2 hours after giving birth I was covered ! After being prescribed amitriptyline for pain they vanished and now I only need to take an antihistamines once a week I now take phenergan or fexofenadine if needed I was finally diagnosed after 15 odd years with urticaria vasculitis /huvs last year

Lydia van Bruggen Btw I also get same type op hives but with time (and higher antihistamine doses) became more ‘typical hives

Lindsey Scheer I also started in April of 2017 and noticed that antihistamines make me worse as well!!! Just told my doctor today

Karen Murphy Broome I have allergic reactions to all antihistamines and zantac.

Lindsey Scheer I was on both as well and started getting a flushed burning skin feeling

Karen Murphy Broome This is what happens to me head to toe, I’m one gaint hive on fire. I either suffer or go to er. Also allergic to diphenhydramine, Doxipen and unisom. The only thing I have not reacted to is singular but it dosent seem to help. I have hives every day.

Lindsey Scheer Same ! Also same thing happens if I take prednisone

Karen Murphy Broome Yep me too. Ive been skin pricked with compounded and pills to see if maybe its something processed in the pill. If I try anything new I do it during the day just in case.

Lindsey Scheer I do too. Did anything come up positive on the skin prick

Karen Murphy Broome Everything she tested me on
Zyrtec * Allerga * Loratadine * Diphenhydramine * Prednisone all show an allergic reaction. Ive had a hive biopsy and bone marrow biopsy both were normal. Pretty much have been told they aren’t sure what to do. Ive tried Xolair it didnt work. I’m week 4 of Gf low histamine diet, it has helped but I still wake up with hives everyday

Karen Murphy Broome Oh I also started taking 2 50,000IU Vit D when I started the diet. I want to try a probotic but not sure if its worth it.

Lindsey Scheer I tested low for vit d. I am on 50 thousand units a week

Adriana Gajdos Est ce que tu habites a Montreal? Mon fils est suivi par un bon medcin. Il travaille surtout avec les enfants mais des fois il prends les adultes. Apres avoir vu au moins 6 medcins, C’est le seul medcin qui nous a aider.

Ninie Herb Oui je suis de Montréal! Pas facile de trouver un médecin qui connaisse vraiment l’urticaire chronique Pourriez-vous me donner le nom de ce médecin?

Adriana Gajdos DR. Moshe Ben-Shoshan. 514 788 2888. Il est specialist de urticaire chronique. Il travaille au Childrens mais il a aussi un clinique pour adultes.

Ninie Herb Wow i’m surprised to see how many people don’t react the expected way to the antihistamine. I should show this to my doc so he stop to think i’m crazy 😜 so how do you all deal with the hives if you can’t take antihistamine?

Lindsey Scheer I’m better off than on. I just deal with it use cool aloe gel. Stay out if heat. Try to avoid triggers. My hands are the worst for me.

Christine R. Evans Just started levothyroxine. Red blotches were still there and skin was warm but the itching was gone.

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