hi Has anyone had issues postpartum?

Has anyone had issues postpartum?

Hives started up last week when I was fighting a virus.

Has anyone had issues postpartum? I went 3.5 years hive-free, had a baby 8 weeks ago and the hives started up last week when I was fighting a virus. The virus is gone, but the hives are still showing up each day. Any tips for treating them while breastfeeding? I was on Xolair for close to a year the last time I had a flare.


Brenda Nichols
You can take benadryl while breastfeeding. Theres not any actual studies saying it decreases your supply. It naturally makes me more thirsty so up your water intake if you try it. I’ve bf 3 kids (currently nursing twins) and until I just got accepted into this group thought I was single handedly keeping benadryl in business. Lol.
Also download lactmed. It’s a free app that let’s you look up any med and it will bring up all studies done on effect of lactation,supply,effect on infant, how long it’s in your milk etc. And even offer a list of safer alternatives for whatever you search. Its a great tool and I think every breastfeeding woman should have it on hand. Lol.

Abby Hanson
Not postpartum. Viruses have triggered all my hive events. It’s like it turns the immune system on and it can’t seem to turn off. Not every virus while in remission, but a definite link. Have you had the cu index test to see if yours are autoimmune? Sending healthy vibes.💕⚡️

Sarah Allely
Abby Hanson yes, mine are autoimmune.

Sarah Allely
Thank you for the responses! I’m seeing my allergist on Wednesday.

Michaela Olsen
My dermatologist said I wasn’t aloud to take anything apart from antihistamines while breastfeeding

Jaya Phillips
Yep! Mine were much better though still there before pregnancy. Postpartum they def got way worse. The worst being the first week or so but they are still worse 8 years later.

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