I am tired and stressed with these hives

Went to the doc yesterday afternoon after 2 miserable weeks of hives. They gave me a steroid shot & it seems like they gone down quite a bit. One pic is from 4 o’clock yesterday & then 6 o’clock yesterday but this morning I’ve found new ones that have popped up.

How long should I wait to take the medrol pack after getting this injection? I’m tired, stressed, & over these hives! I found a swollen place in between the crease of my underwear line (maybe lymph nodes?) I forgot to tell him about it. I just spent $200 on this yesterday & have no insurance & a single mom who doesn’t receive child support (never have) & can’t afford it especially after having to take days off for these flare ups. I’m at a loss


Roshan Mahmood I had steriod shots and doc said i have to wait atleast 1 day before it starts to work…i did see a difference the next day but did have few popping up here and there…hope u feel better soon

Molly Evans I went ahead & took the first 2 medrol pack because I haven’t heard from the doc because I woke up with new ones

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