I can control the hives

I’m having a time with my 17month old daughter. She has had hives/spots for 37 days now with no answers and doctors passing me around. I can control the hives and keep her comfortable but I would like to have some sort of answers. We have been to her pediatrician 3 times and her allergist twice for this. With our last visit to the allergist he said her blood work showed no allergies and he doesn’t think her spots are hives anymore and referred me to a dermatologist, which she sees this Friday.

I had been able to keep her spots small and few with just Claritin once a day but starting last night I had to begin Benadryl as well every 6 hours. Any advice I would appreciate but if you all would mind to look at her spots and let me know your opinion on what they look like. I feel they are pretty apparent hives with the white halo around them but it really threw me off when her allergist said he didn’t even think they were hives. I feel as though he was just passing us off.


JUSTINE BALLARD They look like hive to me. Soft cotton clothing and bedding make sure her clothes are roomy and she doesn’t get to warm oat milk baths are really soothing can https://theherbalacademy.com/soothing-oatmeal-bath-recipe/ # hope she feels better soon

MEGAN STAPLETON Thank you we will try the oatmeal bath!! Shes been getting to go naked a lot due to the hives and she is loving it, lol.

ERICA BOYD Looks like hives to me. I got all the allergy test done and wasn’t allergic to anything my Allergist said its autoimmune. Try aveeno oatmeal baths. They help alot

MEGAN STAPLETON Definitely trying the oatmeal baths, thank you!

KIM MAC DONALD SHEPHERD What are you using for a cleanser? Probably to young to do PATCH testing, but that would give information on some contact and systemic allergies.

MEGAN JORGENSEN I had same problem with my son who is to been to a million doctors which has ultimately made me lose faith in the profession. I decided after tons of allergy testing and basic testing to do a Hair test. Finally I have some damn answers! He is intolerant to 20 items. Most interestingly enough the items are modified starch ( in a ton of food) onions and Lycra ( spandex). We are starting to remove the items from his diet. I highly recommend trying it. At least its an answer and starting place. I am not willing to treat an OBVIOUS issues like hives with medication to just cover up the problem instead of curing it. If ur interested in website PM me.

CAROLINE GORDON While sometimes it like falling down a rabbit hole, nothing works for everyone. I have had chronic atopic dermatitis since I was three months old. I developed chronic hive…due to a moldy classroom, also with rodent and roaches and feces. I do find that my old friend Aveeno bars give me some relief from the stinging and general pain associated with my hives. Don’t use the liquid shower stuff, even the “unscented it has chemicals that can cause problems. Look for a “good ” immunologist. Sometimes there is a reason, sometimes none. Bless you.

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