hi I can’t wear my wedding ring or anything tight

I can’t wear my wedding ring or anything tight

New hives today caused from the elastic around the top of my socks! Both feet! I get them everywhere but they are worse wherever something rubs. I can’t wear my wedding ring or anything tight. Anyone else have this?

New hives today caused from the elastic around the top of my socks! Both feet!


JENNIE LEE HEMPHILL Yup same here. I’ve been on a paleo diet for almost 3 weeks now and my hives are pretty much gone. If I eat off then I’ll get a few.

ALISON RANDALL Sounds like delayed pressure hives. It happens to me sometimes, but I don’t always get them with pressure or something tight.

DESTINY LAYTON Yes. I don’t always get them either. No rhyme or reason to it from what I can see.

Roshaan Rispel Adams Yip I do. My hives happen if it’s too hot, too cold, new clothes, tight clothes , stress , tears , food , shoes , basically anything triggers it

REBECCA EMBLETON I get this too! The bra, pants, socks. It’s not consistent though. I can keep it away with good sleep, good food, etc. but there is nothing worse then being out and feeling it come on…. I’ve been so tempted to just take my bra off in public before. Lol

THERESA KRAMER GABICA I wear my bra as seldom as possible. Unfortunately, it limits the clothes I can wear.

ANNA SAM RIVERA Yep! I had bands of hives around my ski socks after a ski trip. I think it’s related to the dermatagraphia Sometimes I have them along seam lines on my jean

LIZ KING I take 25mg Hydroxyzine 2-3 times a day, Zantac 2 a day and if I’m breaking through Allegra, Zyrtec or Benadryl (I like to surprise my hives with some spontaneity!)
Most Hiver girls seem to have hives that are cyclic with their periods. I learned that I was Anemic, two iron infusions later, in no longer anemic and still have hives.
I’ve also been treated for HPylori that some other Hivers have also had.
Most Hivers dislike Prednisone for many reasons. But it sounds like you’re under very proactive care.
Welcome to the group, there are lots of tools and ideas here. Lots of very supportive folks too.
I wish you solutions and peace

JESSICA WEST Thank you! So glad I joined the group. I like seeing what’s worked for people. I don’t like the prednisone. I think my dr wants to taper it down. I know HPylori is something he’s checking. I’m hoping to get some answers tomorrow!

BRIAN POPLIN Sorry to hear about your condition, I take Mycophenolate 500 mg twice daily 2 hydroxyzine, twice daily , Zantac twice a day ,Zyrtec, montelukast , and Xolair shots once a month. This started August 10th of last year , the last 15 I have been normal , a few hives but it’s when the med’s are running , if I stay on time with the med’s I can be normal. Good luck. If you have to take Xolair there is away to get a grant to help pay for it. And again good Luck.

JESSICA WEST Thank you! I feel like besides just a few hives here and there, all the meds I’m on are controlling it. But wondering what’s going to happen when I get off prednisone. Thanks for the heads up on the Xolair grant. I’ll have to check into that if it’s determined I need the shot. I’m glad yours are under control.

STEVETTE BROUGHTON Brian Poplin how long have you been on xolair? it kinda stinks to have to take all those meds (I take everything you take except the mycophenolate) but I haven’t decided about xolair. Jessica West I figured out that I had reached my threshold for gluten after cutting it out (unintentionally-hives had killed my appetite) then I binged on pizza on broke out after a hive free day. I tested that theory again with crackers…same result. my allergy test only shows that I’m allergic to rye. not accurate. within minutes of eating gluten, I’m itching. if I eat a lot, my hives return. just an idea…try gluten free is you’re not already.


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