I completed the celebrex challenge

Yahoo! 100 happy days! I completed the celebrex challenge and no anaphylaxis! I have a pain med now! After dealing with a stretched knee ligament and a 3 cm deep wound with no pain relief, I’m happy to have an option!


Jennifer Martin Fulton Awesome!

Kathy Schmitt Wooohooo!

Sue Elshire Hargrave Fantastic!!! My happy day included my niece going to the district track finals, and getting a personal record in the Pole Vault! What day of the 100 days are we on?????

Deborah Schneierson Yayyyy! Sue, Congrats on your niece’s getting a personal record. 🙂 I just learned via the internet that one of my nephew’s placed #3 in a contest for top singer in Philly.I’m bursting with (is there a word for “Auntly” ?) pride.(don’t believe so,but if anyone knows-it will be you, Sue ) I’ve been watching a clip of him singing lead in the Temple University a cappella singing group again and again.:) Talk about Happy Days!! 🙂 Too bad my “Happiness is Being an Aunt”photos albums fell apart years ago-and I’ve never seen any since. 🙂 Happiness IS being an aunt 🙂

Deborah Schneierson OMG.I’m going to be arrested by the 🙂 police. lol some of those were accidental, btw . I hope I don’t have to join smileys anonymous .I’d have to attend meeting in a sheet covered with smileys before I learned how to beat my addiction.

Sue Elshire Hargrave Ha!!!! Nothing wrong with little smiley’s! I’m going to be looking for a Smiley Anonymous Group for us both! Congrats for your nephew! How fun is that! Auntly Pride is now totally part of the Auntie Dictionary! It’s so fun to have extended family, and be part of their lives!


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