I developed these crazy hives in March

I developed these crazy hives in March for the first time ever.
I got a xolair shot at the end of May, thankfully after 1 shot my hives went away. About a month or so ago they came back. I’ve now had 2 shots since they came back, I take 4 Allegra a day, singulair, Was taking Zantac but now taking Pepcid, prednisone & hydroxyzine. Nothing is helping. I’m Not convinced this is chronic urticaria. They haven’t even Allergy test me

I developed these crazy hives in March


Amanda Fonseca Falk I’m really sorry about that. For them to be able to test us, we will need to be free of medication for seven days.
I hope it goes away and you will be able to find out the best way to treat it.

Jillian MB My first ever hives outbreak was June. I’ve had two rounds of prednisone, two shots of xolair and two antishitamines a day since June and I still have hives. They have yet to allergy test me as well.

julie Wiedemann-Ball It took me 7months on Xolair before my hives went away

Marlee Galloway Julie Wiedemann-Ball the first time I got the shot it made Them go away

May Kay I’ve only ever had blood allergy panels, they are always negative. Fexo never worked for me Xyzal did. I control flares with a strict low histamine diet protocol & supplements.

Darrah Garcia Adamcik Have you tried smoking CBD flower – another alternative – without THC – 3 – 4 big BBB puffs should stop it – takes about 20 minutes

Jeni Lyman Cyclosporine is all that seems to keep my daughters down. They have her do a Xolair shot once a month but cyclosporine seems to be the only thing that really works because when she has tried to go off it they come back and look like yours.

JR Ehrenberg-Tory I was on 600 mg monthly of Xolaire, and my hives persisted, i got very sick on Xolaire & gained like 25 pounds lost muscle & gained a ton of fat & fluid. My allergist at Mayo suspects Adrenergic hives since they won’t respond to anything. I read propanalol treats Adrenergic hives. I’m waiting on more labs because haven’t had catecholamines tested.

Marlee Galloway JR Ehrenberg-Tory they’re going to biopsy my hives Wednesday

JR Ehrenberg-Tory Marlee Galloway They cannot tell if it’s Adrenergic hives based on biopsy unfortunately. I’ve had several biopsies & results are just urticaria. They can tell if it’s vascular hives but otherwise no real useful information. You can google adrenergic hives to find testing required 😊

Marlee Galloway JR Ehrenberg-Tory my allergist said with mine hurting and leaving bruises that it’s a whole other ball game

Barbara Hanna It looks like hives. I take a histamine blocker. Ranitidine. It sure helps. Even an allergy test may not help. If you are bothered by histamines, they are in so many foods and outdoor allergies. Even meat cooked and refrigerated then has a lot of histamines. I don’t take that shot. I do take hydroxyz. Also Singular for asthma and Citirizine Hydrochloride (Equate brand at WM). A steroid shot did nothing to help me at all. And I have diabetes and can’t take much. Steroids can eventually lead to diabetes in some people. Keep experimenting. Try another doctor if things don’t improve. This lotion mixed with Eucerine thick cream really helped me. See if your doctor will prescribe it for you.

Marlee Galloway Barbara Hanna I take , 4 Allegra’s a day
Singulair , Pepcid , Hydroxyzine prednisone & xolair

Brittanie Ann I was the same way. Cyclosporine is the only thing that helped me

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