My hives and angio have been so good for a week

my hives and angio have been SO good for a week or two. Then I wake up Christmas morning with this. I can’t even drink out of a glass to take an antihistamine.


Laura Barrett Oh no 🙁 thats terrible I had this lastnight, I really hope it goes down soon so you can enjoy your Christmas x

Jayne Kelly ouch, hope it goes soon xx

Niki Deau Oh dear. .. Im so sorry I hope youfeel some relief soon

Suze Teska I hope it goes down soon

Claudine Starkie Oh you poor thing, get some liquid antihistamine

Kerry Fitzpatrick Aww 🙁 🙁 :(. My lip used to go exactly the same but touch wood haven’t had anything for 16 years now. I really hope it goes down as quickly as it came up and that you get to enjoy your Christmas x

Sue Elshire Hargrave Oh, this is just so frustrating for you and all of us that get that “alternate universe” face!! Weekly it is such a distraction from my life. Grrr.

Karen Allen Reimer Yikes!!! I’m really hoping your airway is okay??

Mary Empie Evans You poor thing. I am so sorry for you. May this pass quickly. God bless.

Cynthia Jean Horgan Real sorry I hope your lip goes down soon prayers

Regina Flores I am so sorry for you I will pray the swelling goes down quickly. Merry Christmas!!!

Karen Karadimov Hope you are feeling better

LeonNongalo Nongalo Eish um sorry love get better

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