hi I have been suffering from Chronic Urticaria

I have been suffering from Chronic Urticaria

I have been suffering from Chronic Urticaria since July this year and never had them before.. 🙁 I have seen my doctors who first gave me steroids and antihistamines.. I didn’t want to stay on steroids so took myself to a Naturopath.. Who then diagnosed me with leaky gut so put on a mixer of aloe vera juice to drink and her blend of marshmallow, licorice and slippery elm. This actually did start to clear it up along with a low histamine diet but I did get about 4/5 weeks hive free.. But it came back and I did have an appointment lined up with a dermatologist (booked in August but waited till December.. NHS waiting times. Still grateful not having to pay out to see someone privately) where I was formally diagnosed with Spontaneous Chronic Urticaria. Now I’m on a new antihistamine and anti allergy tablets 4 times a day.

I’ve moved house twice this year and lost my mother in law so I think stress may be a big contribution along with an allergy to tomatoes.. Sorry for such a long post.. Its weirdly conforming knowing others are going though the similar thing. I’m hoping there a light at the end of this itchy tunnel.


Lisa Cox The only thing that worked for me was immunosuppressant.

Belinda Prosser I look like that back in Aug first time I every had them I ending up in the hospital one night they was so bad it is Dec. and still getting them but not as bad I am on 180 mm of allergy pills 4 time a day I was on steroids for 2 month I had to get off them because I have sugar .

Pam Kolpack Simmons Ever had a blood test or skin patch test?

Loretta Dubroc Jeansonne Which anti histimines are you on?

Iverica McDonough I don’t even take any meds anymore. I do a detox and that clears me within 24 hours. Whatever I’m allergic to I poop it out

Amy Glatter Goodman Iverica McDonough How long does it stay away after a detox?

Iverica McDonough Amy Glatter Goodman mine usually go away after 24 hrs. Like right now I took detox pills but I have some bumps on my legs. Not bad but I’m sure it will be all gone by Tomorrow

Emily Walden Gibson I’ve had it for 4 years and ilaris is the only thing that has worked for me. It’s 2 injections every 8 weeks.

Vivienne Sinclair-Phillips I was exactly like this – max dose of antihistamines that seemed to do little to nothing. So decided to take myself off them and see what happens – figured – Ive been covered from scalp to soles of feet so I know bad and I got through that. Anyway… nearly a week on and hives are way better – only a few new ones each day as opposed to hundreds, am taking high dose vitamin C as read it was a natural histamine blocker, taking probiotic as all immunity comes from gut as we know, drinking lots of water with electrolytes added when I remember and going in the ocean as much as I can. I now have hay fever quite bad but figure that is a low level histamine response right? Oh and organic coconut oil that I but at the supermarket. Lots of that all over me. face, legs, feet arms head everywhere. Good luck!

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