hi I have chronic hives for more than 2 months now. Terrible.

I have chronic hives for more than 2 months now. Terrible.

Questions based on your experiences:

1. Are you allergic to milk? How about almond milk?
2. Does chronic urticaria cause muscle pains/fatigue? Or is it the antihistamine that I’m taking everyday?
3. Are we allowed to exercise (and sweat)? Or is that an allergen?
4. What food/condition triggers your rashes?
5. Does chronic urticaria cause elevated BP? Everytime i get an outbreak my BP increases to 130/80 to140/90. Before i had chronic hives, i only get 110/70. Now on non-outbreak days but still with small rashes here and there, i get 120+/80-90.

I have chronic hives for more than 2 months now. Terrible.


MOIZ HASSAN 3) I don’t Sweat during workout and breakout into hives….
4) Spicy food triggers it…
5) Yeah it does causes an elevated BP
1 & 2) No

JANINE PEREZ Thanks for confirming it does elevate blood pressure. Theres one time one month ago that i had fever and an outbreak, my BP went to 149/95. Scared the hell out of me. My doctor doesnt seem concerned with it though.

SIM URIVETZKY I’m in the midst of an awful outbreak. I’ve only tested positive to an allergy to dust mites. There are some renovations going on at work that seem to be setting this off. No known food allergies but advised to stay away from shell fish, nuts & berries. Exhausted all the time from tge antihistimines.

JANINE PEREZ Thank you. Since i was told by my allergologist to take antihistamines daily ive always been tired and sleepy. So frustrating. Wish we can recover soon.

ELLANA JO GOSSETT I can so far regulate mine with zertec so far have had it for 6 years. Zertec is the only allergy over the counter medicine I can take. My outbreaks look very similar to yours. I am not allergic to anything but seasonal allergies so far they said. Been tested few times with allergy test. I don’t have high bp that I know of but I did when I was pregnant with my first son. I don’t sweat a lot but I do know when I get hot below my eyes swell a little and get hot almost like the hives. It does suck and hope it improves for you. Getting answers from Drs is like a needle in Hay stack.

JANINE PEREZ True. Getting tired of going from one physician to another without luck. I recently lost my dad and was told his doctors were the best in our country. Hard for me to trust doctors now. I’ll also try juicing. Just saw fat, sick, and nearly dead and it inspired me to try juicing to clear my gut.

MISTI HOLLAND 1. My CIU is not effected by Food or environment. Mine are over active mast cells.
2. Yes, I have muscle pain and joint swelling which is diagnosed as angioedema. Fatigue is a combination of the antihistamines, lack of sleep and stress from itching.
3. Exercise is not a problem for me except I also have restricted breathing when I am flaring.
4. My last flare was caused by the contrast in my IV when I had a CT scan.
5. My BP stays pretty stable. Slightly elevated during a flare because of the distress I feel.
Hope this helps! I have had CIU for 28 years. There is a great article on the institute of health web site titled ” managing difficult hives” . You might find some great information there.

ALICIA DEEDEE Yes to fatigue, muscle pain and high blood pressure…high blood pressure put me in hospital. Hives due to stress and anxiety.

JR EHRENBERG-TORY I have MCAS. Have you been tested for MCAS? Most recently my Prostaglandin D2 was high. I ask because there are many triggers & certain meds to treat it.


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