hi My hives come after I itch

My hives come after I itch

Having a bad flare up this evening. Xolair hasn’t been working for me. Been taking high doses of zrytec, atarax, Zantac, and xyzal. Anyone have any suggestions? I’m highly dermographic and my hives come after I itch. If ya look closely you can see some hives.


Jennifer Glover I’m sensitive to heat so cold water helps. Luke warm bath.. Wet a towel and put in the freezer for a few minutes not till it’s frozen just so it’s cold. My friend is the opposite and puts on the hairdryer for hers. Do you know what your triggers are? Benadryl with acrivastin works after about an hour. Good luck and know what you’re going through and it’s horrendous. X

Katie Kuster It’s awful and it looks worse due to the dermographicism.. Idk I’m gonna make an appt on Tuesday and see a doc.

Cristine Kreplick with all those high doses, at least consider googling anticholinergic toxicity and dehydration hives¦.it can’t hurt

Katie Kuster Never heard of that.. I will. Thanks..

Cristine Kreplick I wound up admitted – now I’m all about hydration!

Elaine Marie Mine r identical am new to this so don’t know what to tell u hun but wish u luck and better with it all x

Katie Kuster It’s okay.. I’ve been dealing with this for years.. Just bites gonna have to make an appt

Rhoda Young It’s hellish I know. Xolair not helping much but with a cocktail of antihistamines also, I’m coping…just.

Katie Kuster Yea idk what’s up but Xolair was my liquid gold .. I just hate the fact I itch from liver disease and also from CU

Rhoda Young Can I ask you about your liver disease as my liver function (1 part of it) is very high & I was diagnosed of showing PBC in 2001 when I was getting blood work done.

Katie Kuster Rhoda Young Rhonda i also have pbc. Dx in 2010 I’m stage 1. I’m responding to ursodiol but have dreaded fatigue and itching! 😞 I see a wonderful hepta out of Nebraska medical center.

Rhoda Young Wow my own doc was wondering if there could have been a connection with PBC as my liver function (which ever part it was) was SO high. It was well into the 200s & he said 300 classed as hepatitis!
I’m not on any meds for PBC as was asymptomatic, but now my doc(only started seeing him last Sept) has questioned connection. I don’t see specialist again until 22nd Aug(or there abouts) but my doc has told me to mention it to him. He’s a dermatologist though, so not sure if he’s particularly interested (as I mentioned to him before but he was too busy writing down what meds I had to take for my CIU)
When did you start showing symptoms of PBC? Do you have it in the family?

Katie Kuster Rhoda Young but u do take ursodiol correct?? Not everyone is symptomatic

Rhoda Young No, as I wasn’t showing any symptoms (only found out through bloods getting done for a sore foot way back in 2001) that it showed in my blood. I’m adopted & didn’t know my family history, but have since found out that there looks like there may have been an aunt, who had it. (my birth father’s sister!)

Katie Kuster Rhoda Young there is a genetic disposition but not necessarily hereditary..
Even without symptoms pbc can progress. Ursodiol is a bile acid that slows down the progression of pbc (primary biliary cirrhosis.)
What kind of doc are you seeing to treat it? You should most definitely start or talk to the doc. PBC is a slow progressive disease. It’s best to start treatment ASAP.

Katie Kuster There’s also a new drug that you can take in conjunction with ursodiol; which is OCA

Rhoda Young Thank you SO much for your advise. I will make another appointment to see him ASP. He is just my GP & I see a dermatologist. I’ve seen a liver specialist twice since my diagnose, but was never put on any meds.

Evelyn Brethour Easy to say: Don’t scratch, as it causes your cells to release histamines and other toxins. Ice the area, if the area is too large for ice or steroid creams, you might ask your doctor to prescribe a steroid shampoo (which I find works beautifully on large break-outs). Hope it gets better.

Harvey Fedyk Steroid shampoo. Interesting you say this. In the past I have used my dogs shampoo which has a steroid in it (cortisone I believe). It has worked well. I bought it at Walmart. If it is good enough for my “best friend”, it is good enough for me. It actually helped a lot during my outbreaks. Good luck.

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