hi I just want it to stop itching

I just want it to stop itching

OMG!!! I just want it to stop itching.. Sitting here debating taking a flare-up dose of prednisone when I’m really on a tapper down phase. 2nd xolair shot was yesterday. How long before it really “gets in my system”?!


Emily Hahn like a lot of people here i totally got worsening (shot 2 was VERY bad) in the few days/week after my first few xolair shots. It hopefully will get better.

Katie Kuster Usually by 3-4 months

Melissa Monteiro Ughhhhhhhh. Thank you for letting me know it will get better. My first shot went well and I was excited that I could start tappering down on prednisone without a flare up. But then the last week before my shot yesterday and of course yesterday and today have been very itchy. So maybe like you said the 2nd one is real bad! I just wanna rip my legs off right now and go to sleep

Emily Hahn I’m at shot 5, i’ve had some week 4 break through and for some reason my angioedemia is worse when i wasn’t really a huge angioedema person, but the hives are sooooo much better. I am not sure it will ever take it all away, but I can live with this. I switched to every 3 week xolar this month, so hopefully things will get even better.

Melissa Monteiro Well I caved in an took some more prednisone. I have plenty of hives on my rib cage, belly and hips right now aside from the legs fiasco. Let’s just hope an extra 10mg on top of the 5mg I take at night will do the trick. Thanks for giving me a little bit of hope.

Emily Hahn I’ve started being bad and taking a high dose of prednisone (its life threatening asthma attack dosing) immediately when i feel the tingle of my lip starting off hoping it can cut the angioedema short. Then again in 12 hours if it hasn’t gone away

Shonette Holbrook This was my body the day after shot 3. After shot 4, it was like a miracle drug. Shot 7 was today and I have been hive free for over 3 months. Hang in there and take the meds as you need. Good luck.

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