I started getting hives in October 2014

I started getting hives in October 2014

Thanks for the ad. So glad I found this website. I started getting hives in October 2014. I fortunately don’t have it every single day . But it was like every other day. I would get it anywhere face body, under the soles of my feet. Anything triggers it. If it’s too hot I break out, if it’s too cold I break out. If I cry my face swells . If I eat certain foods on certain days I would break out. If insects bites me I break out. If I wear new clothes or clothes that’s tight I’ll break out. I felt like no one understands what I’m going through. So I’m really happy to have joined this page ❤


LINDSAY DANJEAN Under the soles of the feet is the most miserable I believe for me. Idk how I still have skin under my feet

LIZ KING may I pry and ask some questions?
What kinds of doctors and specialists have you seen?
Have any of the doctors been understanding and helpful?
What are you doing at the moment to treat it? Is it working?

LIZ KING welcome fellow Hiver. There are many tools and resources among these pages and members. Validation is very powerful.
I wish you solutions and peace

Roshaan Rispel Adams I’ve had blood tests done , seen a dermatologist . I’m from Cape Town so I’m still searching for a specialist, I’m current taking and antihistamine called texa. Which helps but makes me drowsy. I only take these in extreme circumstances when I really can’t handle it, but most of the time I try to treat it with natural remedies.

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